4DX Expands Deeper into East China and Europe’s Balkan Region


Seoul, Korea (July 28, 2016) – 4DX, an immersive theater technology featuring moving seats and environmental effects, has strengthened its standing in East China and the European market, by signing a rollout partnership with SFC and launching a 4DX theater in Serbia for the first time.

CJ 4DPLEX- a subsidiary of CJ CGV and creator of 4DX – has announced that the company has signed an MOU with SFC (Shanghai Film Corporation), one of the top tier multiplex operators in China, to expand 4DX to more than 20 screens throughout China within 3 years.

SFC is a leading multiplex exhibiter, operating about 300 screens at 40 locations in the East China region. Shanghai Film Corp., a state-owned company, is a film production company that also distributes, exhibits movies and has studios, cinema chains.

4DX has made a great success in the screening of Hollywood blockbusters in 4DX, since it started partnership last April and opened the first 4DX screen in SFC Qingdao. For example, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ recorded 80% occupancy rate and ‘Warcraft: The begginning’ passed 50% occupancy rate in the first screening weekend.

SFC’s general manager Zhang Feng said, “We are extremely excited to bring this immersive cinematic experience to our customers as a part of partnership with 4DX, the global No. 1 4D technology company. We choose 4DX in the strong belief that it has the most advanced motion chair technology and a successful global track record for the installation of all 4DX equipment in the auditorium that is overseen by one of its company’s own supervisors.

“It is great honor to have a partnership with SFC, the representative multiplex operator of East China region,” said Tae-Yong Kim, Chief Sales Officer in 4DX China. Additionally, he said, “4DX offers customized service to cinema exhibitors, providing ‘All Step Service’ including new product development & manufacture, theater plan, equipment installation, after management, movie supply, and promotional marketing. 4DX i-Studio’s creative team (a.k.a. immersive studio) work on 4DX codes utilizing ‘4DX Studio’, the patented software, and focus on the creative aspect behind each movie so that 4DX can screen various movie content not only Hollywood blockbusters but also local Chinese movies.”

As of July 2016, 4DX is operating 268 screens in 41 countries worldwide. In China, there are now 58 4DX auditoriums nationwide. SFC and 4DX expect to generate a significant synergy via this strategic partnership. SFC expects to hold its position as an exclusive multiplex exhibitor by delivering an immersive movie going experience to the customers, while 4DX paves the way for accelerating 4DX expansion to Shanghai and the Southeast area in China. By forging a solid partnership with Chinese multiplex exhibitors, 4DX aims to expand to 100 auditoriums in China this year.

In Europe, 4DX opened its first theater in Serbia through a partnership with CineStar Cinemas on July 15. The theater is located at CineStar Novi Sad inside the shopping center Big. The 4DX theater opened to great success with showings of ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ and ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ recording over 90% capacity on their first weekend.

CineStar Cinemas operates a total of 17 multiplex sites in the Balkan region, with 110 screens, and an overall seating capacity of nearly 19,000. In 2016, CineStar expects to reach 20 multiplex sites. CineStar Cinemas initially launched their first 4DX screen in Zagreb, Croatia in December, 2013. CineStar Cinemas’ 4DX theater in Zagreb has been very successful, recording high occupancy rates screening Hollywood blockbusters over the past three years. In fact, it was the successful occupancy rate at the Croatian theater that led CineStar Cinemas to bring the 4DX technology to Serbia. Following the opening in CineStar Novi Sad, 4DX and CineStar would like to open roll-outs in former Yugoslavia countries including Croatia.

“CineStar is bringing to Serbia a 10-screen multiplex cinema of the newest generation which also includes 4DX. We are confident that the audience will enjoy and appreciate this prestigious format and visit our cinemas on regular basis,” said Zoran Savić, Managing Director of Blitz CineStar for Serbia. “4DX is new cinema format which brings an unusual and intense film experience to the admirers of the seventh art. The motion seats are perfect to simulate adrenaline speed driving, space travel, flying or swimming. Strong wind blows, water, bubbles, fog, rain storms, lightning and special scents such as coffee, gunpowder, the smell of burning tires, enable the viewers to be part of the film.” said Zoran Savić, the managing director of Blitz CineStar for Serbia.

4DX launched the 4DX location at VIP Multiplex in Dominica Republic, the 41th country which brings 4DX technology, as a part of partnership with Caribbean Cinemas on July 27. With this opening, 4DX is available in Dominica Republic for the first time.

Followed by the fast expansion in the existing markets coupled with new market penetration, 4DX is the overwhelming 4D cinema market leader, having more than 60% worldwide market share and operating over 34,000 available seats in total. Building off the accelerated expansion trend with new partnerships, 4DX plans to further grow its brand around the world.

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