AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Completes Sale Leaseback of 7 U.S. Theatres for $130 Million


LEAWOOD, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AMC) (“AMC” or “the Company”) announced today it has completed a $130 million transaction with an unidentified American buyer to sell and simultaneously lease back seven theatre properties in New York, New Jersey and Indiana, an arrangement commonly referred to as a sale leaseback agreement. This is consistent with its previously announced plan to identify approximately $400 million of assets, in which AMC’s ownership was not essential, and that could be monetized over the next twenty-four months.

The sale will generate approximately $128 million in cash after closing costs and will create a deferred gain on sale of approximately $80 million that will be amortized throughout the long-term leases, under current accounting standards.

Commenting on the transaction, AMC CEO and President Adam Aron said: “AMC’s $130 million sale leaseback transaction is the second action step we have consummated since the announcement last month to realize monies from assets which were not vital for us to own. Combined with the sale of our 50% interest in Open Road Films, which was sold last month with an $18 million pre-tax gain, AMC has generated more than $140 million of cash. This is beneficial in enabling AMC to pursue our plan to strengthen our balance sheet even as we pursue dynamic growth.”

Aron continued, “In August, AMC announced that we had identified some $400 million in assets that could be painlessly sold to enhance our overall liquidity position, as well as assist in funding the buying back of AMC shares, paying down of our debt and fueling the growth of AMC through deployment of our proven strategic initiatives.”

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