Barco Launches Marketing Campaign Highlighting the Benefits of Laser Projection

Cinema technology leader Barco has unveiled its latest marketing initiative, “Laser by Barco,” which aims to educate audiences about the superior benefits of laser projection technology. The campaign promises moviegoers an enhanced cinematic experience characterized by increased brightness, vibrant colors, and heightened contrast.

The “Laser by Barco” campaign is being rolled out in theaters across the United States equipped with Barco’s Laser Projection systems. Participating theaters include major chains such as Cinemark, B&B Theatres, Elevate Entertainment Group, National Amusements, and Malco Theatres. Additionally, the campaign will be extended to digital and social media platforms, with plans to expand into global markets in the coming months. A notable rollout in Cineplex Canada is anticipated later this year.

Central to the campaign is a newly produced global cinema trailer, which will be shown on-screen before each movie. The trailer demonstrates the exceptional quality delivered by laser projection technology. The trailer highlights the enhanced visual clarity, brightness, and expanded color gamut that Barco’s laser projectors offer. Complementary campaign elements include a dedicated moviegoer website, in-lobby displays, digital banner advertisements, engaging social media content, and comprehensive “Laser by Barco” branding throughout the customer journey within theaters.

“This campaign was developed to make the benefits of laser projection technology accessible and relatable to every moviegoer,” said Adam Cassels, VP of Marketing at Barco Cinema. “Barco is proud to work with our cinema partners to bring the differentiation of laser to life for consumers in North America and beyond.”

Carl Rijsbrack, SVP of Strategy & Marketing at Barco Cinema, added, “Since its launch, laser projection has been rapidly adopted in theaters worldwide. With this new campaign, we’re giving audiences a peek into the groundbreaking Barco technology that is changing the way movies are delivered and experienced. The Barco team is passionate about delivering exceptional cinema, and we are excited to share that passion with moviegoers through this initiative.”

Beyond the visual enhancements, “Laser by Barco” also emphasizes the environmental benefits of laser projection. The technology consumes up to 70% less energy compared to traditional Xenon lamp-based projectors, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. This is achieved through reduced heat dissipation, lower HVAC requirements, the elimination of waste from consumables and lamp disposal, and an overall longer lifespan of the equipment.

The “Laser by Barco” campaign is set to redefine the movie-watching experience, offering audiences an unmatched visual spectacle while promoting sustainability in the cinema industry. Moviegoers can look forward to a truly immersive experience as Barco continues to innovate and lead in laser projection technology.

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