Barco Presents Latest Laser Projection Innovations at ShowEast 2016


Sacramento, Calif. USA – 13 October 2016 – Barco, the worldwide market share leader in digital cinema projection, will host a series of demo sessions at ShowEast showing the unique advantages of its complete laser projector portfolio, with a keen focus on the industry’s first 20,000-lumen laser phosphor projector for cinema. Visitors can attend the sessions at ShowEast 2016, October 18-19 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach in Miami, Florida.

Barco has developed a full line of laser projectors to power premium cinema experiences, with solutions that differentiate movie showings, while boosting operational efficiency. Its Laser Phosphor projectors can help exhibitors transform their multiplex into a future-ready, cost-efficient all-laser theater, while Flagship Laser projectors deliver the ultimate visual experience for Premium Large Format screens.

Discover the benefits of Barco’s complete laser portfolio
Barco experts are hosting 30-minute presentations on the industry’s first 20,000-lumen laser phosphor projector for cinema, a close-up look at the projector, and a Q&A session. No pre-registration is necessary.

Tuesday, October 18 and Wednesday, October 19
Presentations offered three times daily at 9am, 1pm & 4pm
Location: Splash 4 Meeting Room

Widespread economies of scale achieved with laser phosphor projection
With the recent addition of Barco’s laser phosphor projectors, exhibitors can now create all-laser theaters to reap operational efficiencies and reduce costs for the entire theater.

Barco laser phosphor projectors offer exhibitors a future-proof solution that boosts movie presentation quality, while reducing the costs and complexity associated with lamps. Thanks to its unique cooling system, the projector boasts a lifetime of 30 000 hours and more. And its optical efficiency is also significantly higher − resulting in savings of up to 50 percent on the electricity bill.

Flagship Laser: first and best in laser projection for cinema
Barco Flagship Laser projectors are lighting up the screens of premium auditoriums, with Barco deploying
more premium RGB laser projectors across the globe than any other manufacturer. Recent installations include: National Amusements and Santikos Entertainment (United States); Megabox (Korea); GRINN Film (Russia); Kinepolis Group (The Netherlands); CinemaCity(Lebanon); Cineplanet (Peru), and Reel Cinemas (United Arab Emirates) among a growing list totaling more than 45 exhibitors, 22 countries and over 150 auditoriums.

Bringing premium movie showings to life
Flagship Laser projectors are the ideal complement to Premium Large Format (PLF) screens, featuring ultra-brightness and brilliant colors to enrich the moviegoing experience. Thanks to the elimination of lamps and related costs and maintenance, exhibitors can significantly reduce their operating costs, especially when combined with reduced energy consumption (lower electricity bills!) and hassle-free operations.

“We’re excited to share our latest innovations in laser projection, which are taking the cinema industry by storm as the ultimate way to show movies and gain operational efficiencies – in every auditorium or across an entire circuit,” comments Stijn Henderickx, Vice President Cinema for Barco. “We are here to show our customers how easy and cost-effective implementing an all-laser cinema can be so they begin reaping the rewards.”