B&B Theaters Partners with SurveyMe to Capture and Reward Feedback from their Customers


IRVINE, August 22, 2016 – B&B Theatres, the ninth largest theater chain in the USA, is happy to announce its partnership with SurveyMe, an innovative mobile feedback app.

B&B Theatres are keen to reach out to their moviegoers to improve their overall experience, with the help from SurveyMe they can do this in real-time and give those who respond an immediate reward, such as free small popcorn or soda.

This initiative has been launched across all B&B’s 50 movie theaters. Giving moviegoers the chance to download the free mobile app, answer a few short questions in return they will get exclusive rewards instantly. So everyone wins!

SurveyMe is working with a number of other movie theater groups to help them drive sales to concession stands whilst also improving the overall customer experience.

Nicola Evans, COO of SurveyMe said “We are really excited to be working with B&B Theaters, one of the largest theater chains in the United States. This launch comes at a time when we are talking to a number of large theater chains and brands as we know that SurveyMe will plug a gap in the market. We want to provide the solution of engaging, in a measured way, with customers once they are inside movie theaters”.

Bobbie Bagby, Vice President of Marketing for B&B Theatres, said of the partnership, “We are thrilled to put SurveyMe to work in our markets and for the great feedback we know we will generate from our guests.  Our customer service and guest satisfaction are top priority for us, and SurveyMe will give another great tool to measure our success in those areas and continually offer improvements.”

B&B Theaters opened their first theater in 1924 and has become an iconic movie chain in the central United States.
Built for the mobile generation, SurveyMe allows companies to engage with the customer at the point of experience and collect feedback in exchange for marketing coupons that customers can use instantly or save into a digital wallet in the app. Companies of all sizes can craft surveys and distribute them within minutes of logging on. CMOs and brand managers can readily view feedback and analytical data through a robust dashboard of tools within minutes of initial responses. Businesses can then adapt their business model to meet the needs of their customer base, while simultaneously growing brand loyalty and driving foot traffic to their places of business. With unique built-in geolocation technology, more customers can find surveys from businesses they may have never visited, providing a marketing opportunity to businesses as well.  

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