CES+ Launches CIELO 5.0 at CinemaCon 2018


Las Vegas, Nevada April 21st 2018. CIELO selected CinemaCon, the world’s largest trade event for the motion picture theater industry as the site to unveil version 5.0 of CIELO, the most ambitious release of their Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

CIELO is a cloud-based platform that hit the market in 2015 and disrupted the support service model by providing full visibility, mobility, and control of the projection equipment network from a single point. Currently, CIELO is servicing over 6500 screens globally.

CIELO 5.0 has enhanced analytics features that provide insights about key operational behaviors, highlight specific actions that can be executed to reduce risk of failure, and greatly improve on performance.

CIELO’s VP of Technology, Rick Cabrera says of CIELO v5.0: “CIELO has a strong commitment to continuous value creation and is the only platform in the industry that transforms customer insights and requests into product features every single month. With this fifth major release, we continue to demonstrate that CIELO grows stronger with every new customer that signs up.”

Version 5.0 of CIELO, available now, provides these key modules to drive process efficiencies in theater operations:

The Performance Score, a guide to reduce risk and adopt best practices in support and operations. Clients can compare the performance of each theater against another and identify corrective actions.  The higher the score the lower the risk of equipment failure, which translates into higher uptime.

Enhanced analytics and customizable dashboards. Exhibitors can align views and dashboards with their KPIs, to gauge the health of several aspects of the operation, from the status of projection equipment to establishing trends by analyzing past performance.

Remote Support Tools. Faster time to resolution with one-click embedded remote access to devices without leaving the CIELO platform.

The Asset Profile. All the relevant information about each projection equipment consolidated into one place, displaying device status, overall performance, and historical view of all the events that affect them, including a comparison against other assets in your network.

Join CIELO at CinemaCon Las Vegas to demo the platform and discover these and many other features that can drastically reduce your operational costs, increase your uptime, and bring innovation and revenue to your cinema operation. You can schedule your appointment at sales@cielocinema.com

Not going to CinemaCon? Reach out at (305) 232-8182 and bring CIELO excellence to your theater.

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