China Takes Center Stage at CinemaCon 2016


China Film Equipment Co. Reveals Latest News and Officially Unveils Newest Technologies Propelling the Staggering Box Office Growth in China

Las Vegas, NV – April 12, 2016 – With China poised to become the largest film market in the world, China Film Equipment Co., Ltd (CFEC), an affiliate of China Film Co., Ltd., arrives at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week under an unprecedented industry microspore to unveil the new technologies and equipment that will support the greatest boom the industry has ever experienced. Highlights of the company’s offerings at CinemaCon include new Laser, PLF, Stereographic 3D and other impressive technologies.

China has grown into a $6.9 billion USD box office market, second only to the United States (for now). With 30,000 plus screens and counting and enormous capital flowing into the construction of cinemas, differentiation with high-tech innovations has become a critically essential strategy for theater owners to maintain loyal customers.

This week at CinemaCon, CFEC is introducing the latest Chinese technologies and innovations designed to support the $6.9 billion dollar market that has seen a staggering 50% annual increase in box office (2014 to 2015).

 At CinemaCon, CFEC is also reporting some significant exhibition news out of China. This includes:

         ● “CGS” premium large format system now showing in 135 auditoriums, which generated 80 million dollar box office.

         ● “CineAppo” secured orders for 1,000 laser projector light sources and installed 500.

        ● China’s “Star Screen” and “Bosste” put up silver or white screens in China and they shared 85% market in 2015. Standing firmly behind 5.8 billion dollars box office.

        ● “Carandi” cinema seating company has sold over 14 million dollars worth of cinema seats 2015. 

        ● “Freedeo” 3D Device now occupies over 10,000 screens. Almost half part of Chinese 3D market.

        ● “HB-Optical” sold 500 sets of reflection prisms in 2015.

        ● “YUYU Lighting”’s Xenon light bulbs help light up 30% of the screens in the country, backing up 2 billion dollars’ worth of market.

CGS Goes Way Beyond Being Just a Bigger View / China Film Corporation’s answer to premium large format solution.

With more than 130 screens worldwide generating 80 million dollar box office, CGS is present at CinemaCon 2016 to provide the industry with its latest PLF solutions.

 There was just one CGS screen in China at the end of 2011. In 2014, the much acclaimed PLF technology and re-mastering techniques were so widely adopted by major Hollywood studios, CGS setup a re-mastering lab in L.A. to serve the studios and theaters better.

 In 2015, with CGS exceeding 100 screens, CGS also entered the south-east Asia and Middle-East market. The same year CGS retrofitted an existing PLF auditorium in Brenden theater, Las Vegas. At year end, adopting China Film’s own ALPD technology, CGS rolled out and deployed its dual-laser PLF solution to light up even bigger screens.

 CineAppo Solutions for Barco B-series Projectors

 CineAppo with its market proven laser solutions provides film exhibitors with state of the art laser projection results.

 Through CineAppo, exhibitors can have laser innovation in their theaters without having to pay extreme prices for it.

 After the founding of CineAppo in 2014, one year was spent on R&D to finalize the light source product designed for the Barco C series, which is suitable for 23 feet wide or smaller screens. By March 2016, 1,000 sets were sold and 500 of the C series laser light source with accumulated 7,300 hours of faultless operation were deployed.

 This year, CineAppo introduces the laser light source solution for the Barco B-series, a joint effort development with Barco.

 In the CFEC booth at CinemaCon, a model “X24-B223B” high power laser light source which can be retrofitted into a Barco B-series will be on static display.

 At 25,000 lumens, over 30,000 hour lifetime, DCI compliant, powerful stable light output, perfect brightness and color restoration to light up your 76 feet or smaller screen.

 With the unique ALPD technology, the laser light source can ensure the most brilliant pictures in an extended period of time. X24 laser light source will bring revolutionary change to the old or new Barco B-series projectors.

 About China Film Equipment Co., Ltd.

 China Film Equipment Co., LtdCFEC, which was established in July 1951, is affiliated to China Film Co., Ltd.With over 60 years of history, CFEC now specializes and represents products involved in all sectors of film industry, and has accumulated rich experience in producing, supplying and selling film equipments. CFEC has emerged as a comprehensive enterprise that combines manufacturing of film equipments, import and export of film-making supplies as well as related products, professional cinema and rural film market services, and sponsoring Beijing International Radio,TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV), and participation in domestic and overseas professional exhibitions.

 Along with the film industry prosperity and development, China Film Co., Ltd sets the guideline of “focused development of the four business areas: film-making, film release, film screening and film services”. Accordingly, CFEC has grasped the golden opportunity brought about by science and technology, seeking breakthroughs and innovations in the film services and accelerating transformation into a diversified comprehensive enterprise that relies on the industrial entity as the platform and trade as the link, and combines technology, industry and trade. CFEC focuses on localized production of digital projectors, and as a part of the coordinated effort of R&D and marketing of “China Giant Screen”, CFEC is pushing forward and leading the localization of film-making equipment, establishing and improving the industrial chain of China-made digital film-making equipment as well as the system of proprietary intellectual property rights, and promoting the manufacturing of electric light sources in digital filming and other consumables, manufacturing of equipment and facilities related to cinemas, cinema design consultation systematic engineering and theater information management system.

 Together with Barco, CFEC has established a joint venture named CFG Barco (Beijing) Electronic Co., Ltd, the first manufacturer of high-end digital projectors in China. China Film Blossom Technology Co., Ltd, which CFEC has established together with China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology is the only high-tech enterprise that combines “production, science, research and application” in systematic engineering of cinemas in China, which can provide systematic solutions for cinemas ranging from industrial design, computer-based ticketing to automatic projection of movies. China Film Nanjing Film Equipment Co., Ltd, which CFEC has invested in, has become an important production base and processing center in the industrial chain of film equipment. CFEC has also launched theater management system with our own brand (CEFC-TMS), and Digital Cinema Network Operations Center(CFEC-NOC), besides, CFEC is going to establish digital filming technology R&D center to study “targeted” new forms of movies, digital technology of cinemas, and internet operation technology to help promote the development of China’s digitalized film-making technology, providing technological guarantee and support for All-China Digital Cinema Services Alliances to be built.

Soar like an eagle in the vast sky, and compete in the huge surge of development. China Film Equipment Co., Ltd. has entered a new era of growth, when we broaden our mind and put huge efforts in the reform of institutional systems and the training of cadres and staff. Faced with new industrial landscape and major adjustments of industrial structure, we shall strive for growth through innovation, expand our markets through efficiency, and win customers with premier services, and bring people together through causes, in an effort to make a greater contribution in Chinese films that China transforms into a film power

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