Cinemark Theatres First to Adopt Single-Source Solution for In-Theater Media Marketing with “One Network Alliance” Digital Lobby Experience


Sacramento,, Calif.. and Valencia,, Calif.. – 16 October 2017

 The Barco and Vision Media alliance are pioneering a turnkey lobby entertainment solution bringing together innovative cinema technologies and in – theatre marketing expertise

 Cinemark has consistently been the first exhibitor to embrace new generations of Barc o’s cinema solutions to bring cutti ng – edge entertainment to moviegoers

T he One Network Alliance (OONA)) – a strategic partnership between cinema technology leader Barco and in – theatre marketing pioneer Vision Media – will commercially debut its turnkey digital Lobby Experience at Cinemark’s Plano , Texas and Playa Vista,, Los Angeles theatre s this month.. The solution will empower Cinemark to transform its cinema lobbies into immersive storytelling environments using vibrant digital content viewed on billboard – size displays..

“CCinemark has alwa ys been on the cutting – edge of movie entertainment,, and with the One Network Alliance Digital Lobby Experience,, we are once again pioneering a one – of – a – kind experience for the next generation of moviegoers,,”” comments Mark Zoradi,, Cinemark CEO.. “TThe ONA’s r obust technology platform was very important to us,, ensuring that we can continue to deliver on our mission of providing innovation within our theatre s..””

Turnkey lobby solutions engage visitors the moment they enter the theatre

The power of the Digital Lobby Experience is its uniquely all – encompassing ONA platform,, built on an alliance harnessing the best of both worlds:: Barco’s industry – leading cinema technologies and Vision Media’s in – theatre digital marketing expertise.. The – advanced technology conc ept brings the cinema lobby to life,, engaging visitors the moment they enter the theat er . Large – scale digital banners,, vertical display systems and digital movie posters provide numerous different orientations to support all creative activations.. During th e eagerly – anticipated Lobby Takeovers,, specific display systems will play in a symphonic coordination of light,, sound and video content..

“CCinemark lobbies are poised to become interactive,, multi – dimensional digital canvases where upcoming movies and dyn amic,, animated content will bring the magic of the movies front and center,,”” comments Greg Patrick,, Vice President Cinema – Lobby for Barco.. “OOur movie exhibitors can select from a comprehensive portfolio of fully integrated digital cinema lobby products des igned to enhance the movie going experience,, while driving customer engagement and loyalty..””

Cinemark has consistently been the first exhibitor to embrace new generations of Barco’s innovative cinema solutions,, from its award – winning

DLP Cinema®® projectors

, to the industry’s largest portfolio of

Flagship Laser


Smart Laser


“TThe Cinemark agreement affirms the mission of the ONA strategic partnership . The ONA is building t he next generation of digital display solutions and interactive consumer experiences.. Our longstanding,, cooperative dialog with Hollywood Studios confirms their interest in the evolution of how movies are promoted in our ‘rreimagined’’ lobby e nvironment,,”” said Joe Ross,, President of Worldwide Sales at Vision Media.. “CCinemark , as the inaugural ONA exhibitor , signifies their constant desire to bring innovation to the lobby,, something Vision has seen for years based on their participation in our TrailerVisio n™™ and VideoWall Networks..””

Driving the lobby entertainment trend

Understanding the constant pace of new trends w ith hyper – targeting and advances in d igital technology within the promotional space,, the ONA will continue to incubate next – gen hardware and s oftware solutions in their Innovation Vault..

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