CJ 4DPLEX Names CJ ENM Executive Joon Beom Sim as CEO

Courtesy of CJ 4DPLEX

CJ 4DPLEX announced today that it has appointed CJ Entertainment & Media (CJ ENM) executive Joon Beom Sim as CEO. Sim most recently served as the Head of CJ ENM’s Music Content Division overseeing the overall management of the music business, broadcast Mnet, live events, and the fandom platform Mnet Plus.

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, CJ 4DPLEX operates the multi-sensory 4DX format and the panoramic ScreenX format. Sim has been a part of the CJ Group’s subsidiaries since 2005. Prior to heading CJ ENM’s music content business division, he most recently served as CJ CGV’s head of domestic business, managing domestic CGV theater operations and development, distribution of alternative content, as well as CJ CGV’s Vietnam CEO from 2017-2020, overseeing operations and development, and film investment and distribution. Before becoming CJ CGV Vietnam CEO, Sim served as the CFO for CJ CGV Vietnam responsible for the overall management of finance, human resources, and administration for CGV Vietnam.

To date, there are over 745 4DX auditoriums around the world, spanning over 70 countries and over 390 ScreenX auditoriums around the world in 40 countries. CJ 4DPLEX is part of the CJ Group conglomerate that also includes entertainment powerhouses CJ ENM (who produced the film Parasite), and the theater chain CJ CGV.

“In assuming the role of CEO at CJ 4DPLEX, I am thrilled to lead the company into its next chapter of growth and global prominence” stated Joon Beom Sim. “With a rich background in the entertainment landscape under the CJ Group conglomerate, particularly at CJ ENM and CJ CGV, I am deeply honored to spearhead cinema innovation with our premium film formats, 4DX and ScreenX. Together, we will continue to revolutionize the industry with our groundbreaking cinema technologies ensuring that audiences worldwide are captivated and entertained like never before.”

Don Savant, the chief executive officer and president of CJ 4DPLEX America added, “Joon Beom Sim’s appointment as CEO of CJ 4DPLEX marks an exciting milestone for our company. We are honored to welcome him to the team, especially given his extensive and impressive experience with the CJ Group. With his proven track record of success at CJ ENM and CJ CGV, Sim’s leadership will undoubtedly propel CJ 4DPLEX to new heights.”

Courtesy of CJ 4DPLEX

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