COMING SOON: A Mysterious Untitled Movie, ‘CHiPs,’ ‘XX,’ ‘Tommy’s Honour,’ ‘The Girl With All The Gifts,’

This week we have buddy cops, zombie kids, an anthology of horrors, scottish golfers, and even…A MYSTERY TRAILER! Not for a mystery movie, I mean more like we don’t know what movie it is even for. Yeah, you get it. Exciting stuff here on BoxOffice Trailer Throw Down!


Michael Peña in another buddy cop action comedy. This time he is an FBI agent going undercover as an officer of the California Highway Patrol to make a movie reboot of a 70’s tv show.

Tommy’s Honour

A golf movie based on a true story, featuring people with red hair and some great hats.


A horror anthology of four films, all from female directors, featuring what might be the creepiest panda in recorded history.

The Girl With All The Gifts

Zombie children are strapped down to chairs for education purposes. No touching!

Untitled A24 Film

And now for our mystery entry: A24 put out a trailer for a movie. We don’t know its name. We don’t know when it comes out. Not entirely sure what it is even about…you know what, just watch the trailer.