COMING SOON: ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Coco,’ ‘Baby Driver,’ ‘Transformers 5,’ ‘Despicable Me 3,’ and More!

Boxoffice Trailer Throw Down! is bringing you this weeks finest trailers most of which featuring strong female leads killing dudes and/or robots, a movie where apparently everything gets destroyed, and another one about a young man driving automobiles. We also have three red band trailers this week, so enjoy at your own risk, dear reader!


Watch as Wonder Woman wields weapons world-wide, whether it’s the watery wonderland of Themescyra or whooping on Nazis in World War II, while we just won’t stop weaseling wack alliterations into this weird piece of writing.


Like most young boys, this unnamed little dude loves guitar jam sessions by candle light, turning into a ghost and drifting between realities.


Edgar Wright returns to direct a movie about a boy named Baby who drives cars. Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx gives him love life advice. Now we all have learned how bullets and feelings go together.


It is all girl power vs. robots in this TRANSFORMERS trailer. It features dinosaurs. Robot dinosaurs. And Mark Walhberg was there, too.


Dude, like…everything gets wrecked.


Based on the true story of a marine who didn’t get along with people very well but became total pals with a doggie. A marine doggie who taught her how to love.


Two orphans who love throwing plates, dancing and inventing things in 1884 Paris. I think it is safe to assume that this is the true story of where chicken wings come from.


In the third installment of the DESPICABLE ME franchise, we discover that Gru has a twin brother and that some people can easily survive being launched miles away and blown up by vacuum cleaner missile.

ATOMIC BLONDE (Red Band Trailer)

Charlize Theron beats everyone up while listening to Queen and stroking Robert Pattinson’s face.

ROUGH NIGHT (Red Band Trailer)

As someone who grew up in Miami, I see movies about Miami bachelorette parties like this and I think, “Yeah, thats pretty accurate.”

LIFE (Red Band Trailer)

Much like the last time we posted a trailer for LIFE. the crew is still in space and still dealing with melty alien goo…but this time, we get to see more graphic content in a trailer.

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