Disney Hits $4B Global Mark for Second Time in Studio History


The Walt Disney Studios crossed the $4 billion mark in global box office for the second time in its history on Friday. The feat was accomplished in record time for the studio, which had previously reached the figure on November 26, 2013.

Four films have helped contribute to the studio’s record-breaking year. Guardians of the Galaxy revitalized a slumping summer in North America with a $330 million domestic haul, becoming the #1 film of the year at home with $330 million and the #2 film of the year globally with $770.1 million.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently the #2 film of the year in North America with $259.8 million and the #5 film globally with $714.7 million. Neither Guardians nor Captain America counted on a prime summer release date to reach their figures, both films book-ending the season’s release calendar.

Outside the Marvel world, Disney struck global box office gold with Maleficent and Frozen. Maleficent is currently the second biggest film of the year overseas with $516.8 million and the #3 film globally with $758 million. Frozen was released during the winter of 2013 but its hold-over success came in 2014. The animated film earned $733 million of its $1.27 billion global haul this calendar year.