Facebook Watch – ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Torches The Competition


50 Shades Of Grey capitalized on its second trailer release last week as it upped its like count by over 1 million on the week. I suppose this is hardly surprising after its 15 second teaser clip helped to generate 200k new likes a couple weeks ago but its still very impressive nonetheless. I have never seen a larger Facebook like count for an unreleased film, generally to get up to 5+ million it is for sequels reusing the Facebook page of a successful original film. Since January of this year it has now grown by over 5 million likes. By comparison the first trailer saw a 2 million like increase the week immediately after its release.

Now on the eve of its release, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 pulled in just under 500k new likes. Very impressive when you consider how saturated pop culture has been with the film that it can still find that many new people to like its page. Sure it doesn’t mean those people didn’t watch the previous two films but at the very least that this new film and marketing campaign is engaging them enough to reach out and interact/seek out information about the latest installment. November’s box office is about to get a huge shot in the arm over the next week or so.

The Pyramid has been doing a very solid job on Facebook in recent times, and last week it saw its single biggest week jump as it grew by just shy of 70k likes. The first weekend in December has traditionally been a dead zone, but by the time this release comes around it should have over 1 million likes which is nothing to scoff at, especially for a low-budget production such as this one.