Facebook Watch – ‘Cinderella’ Comes Out On Top

The Minions had to take a back seat this past week to Cinderella which led all upcoming films in Facebook like increases with 230.523. A new trailer debuted on December 31st which evidentially resonated with fans and with few other new trailer or media being released it dominated the week on Facebook.

The Minions settled for second on the week, the first time in almost a month that they were not at the top for weekly growth. What’s more amazing is there really hasn’t been much actual news about the film yet it keeps churning out 100k+ like weeks. This is pretty much unheard of, especially for a film with such a massive existing base already.

Upcoming franchise (and budding franchise) titles Fifty Shades Of Grey, Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens rounded out the top 5 with 76k, 74k and 60k new likes respectively. These three have also been doing very well in general since their trailers debuted, each seeing more than 2 million like increases since that time.

As for films opening in January, only Taken 3 managed to crack the top 10, coming in at 6th spot with 54k new likes. The Boy Next Door was next after that in 11th place with 21k new likes. At the other end of the scale, the smallest like increase of all films tracked came from Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 which actually lost 222 likes, followed by The Loft which had just 56 new likes.