Facebook Watch – ‘Minions’ Tickle Their Way To Top Spot

Minions led the pack this past week in Facebook like increases, coming in with just under 940k new likes. The lovable Minions have been a pop culture hit since their first appearance in Despicable Me back in 2010. The reception of their first trailer has been nothing short of remarkable, especially since these ‘creatures’ are relatively young and have been around for less than five years. So far this gets an A+ for social media buzz (Twitter has been huge too for its first trailer), as there have been few animated films over the last five years to generate anywhere near the same level of hype.

The latent buzz from the Furious 7 trailer saw it only a few thousand likes behind Minions as it approached 1 million likes for the second weekend in a row. Not much more to be said here for the film which continues to set the gold standard for all Facebook buzz.

Fifty Shades OF Grey released a teaser trailer to its second trailer that generated a sizeable 200k new likes but the real test comes with its full trailer to see how much buzz it will generate when compared to the first trailer and if it can sustain the momentum the novels and early buzz created.

Into The Woods saw the biggest percentage increase on the week as its trailer was attached to the very well received Big Hero 6. Easier to get big increases for a film which has low overall numbers but given the Disney name and actors such as Meryl Streep this is an intriguing choice for the holiday season which might be able to have a wide appeal.

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