‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Fires Up Screens Overseas With $10.4M Opening Day

Hot off an event at the Cannes Film Festival and an impressive 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Mad Max: Fury Road drove off with a $10.4M opening day Thursday from 12,000 screens across 48 overseas territories. European territories didn’t get a full day of screenings, however, with start times set at 2pm in order to accommodate the film’s event at Cannes.

France impressed with a $2.25 million opening day from 802 screens and 618 sites nationwide. According to Paramount, “Even with partial day grosses, the 76,000 admissions in Paris represent the #1 opening day for the greater Paris area so far this year.”

Australia brought in approximately A$1 million, around 65% higher than the #2 film in the market.

Russia dominated 79% of the Top 5 market share with $835k on 2,434 screens.

Germany opened to $768k from 784 screens, generating 92% of the box office from 3D screens.

South Korea grossed $756k on 765 screens and Brazil enjoyed a $664k debut on 1,008 screens.

Italy claimed the best per-screen average in the market with $145k, while Scandinavia contributed $590k from its four territories, and Eastern Europe brought in a collective $233k.

Mad Max: Fury Road expands to 20 additional overseas markets on Friday, including the UK, Spain and Mexico.

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