Kantar Millward Brown and CJ 4DPlex Research Finds Significant Global Preference for 4Dx Technology Over Traditional Movie Viewing


Seoul, South Korea and Los Angeles – July 6, 2017 Kantar Millward Brown, a specialized consumer research firm, and CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D cinema company, have announced the results of jointly conducted research entitled ‘Consumer Perception Trends of Global Cinema.’

The results of the study, conducted in June 2017, are based on 3,000 consumers across the United Kingdom, Japan, and China who watch movies in cinemas more than twice in a year in their given location.

The research has found a significant global preference for 4DX technology over traditional movie viewing. 

According to the survey, moviegoers considered “cinemas equipped with 4DX auditoriums to be superior to other cinemas” (China 94%, U.K. 81%, Japan 79%). 

Respondents to the survey felt that 4DX is an innovative brand and the study found that 4DX’s image even influenced consumers’ perception of the cinemas themselves. This drives home the fact that 4DX is well-positioned in global markets as an innovative technology pioneer in the cinematic experience space. Among respondents, those who had already experienced 4DX were more likely to respond positively about the superiority of 4DX auditoriums than the ones who had not yet experienced it (China 95%, U.K. 85%, Japan 85%).

Not only do 4DX auditoriums have a positive effect on moviegoers’ image of the cinema, but they also affect their perception of the movie itself. 

Consumers answered that they think a movie that plays in 4DX is better than movie choices where 4DX isn’t an option (China 85%, U.K. 73%, Japan 66%).

In this case as well, more of the respondents who have experienced 4DX are inclined to agree with this reasoning (China 86%, U.K. 80%, Japan 76%). 

The research found that a majority of 4DX consumers plan in advance to see a movie in 4DX. More than half of the respondents (U.K. 69%, Japan 57%), who have experienced 4DX before, say that they planned to do so in advance, actively searching for movies available in the immersive format. The reasons for this were positive word of mouth from those who have already experienced 4DX, or because they had a satisfying and fun experience of watching 4DX movies in the past. This shows also that cinemas can reach new customers since 4DX attracts potential moviegoers who are seeking new activities to enjoy. 

“These results show that 4DX auditoriums are playing an important role as a new standard by which to evaluate cinemas and movies,” said Byung-Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “Its presence provides a positive image to the cinema, as well as to the movie.”

Young-Mi, Lee, General Manager of Kantar Millward Brown Korea added, “In marketing, consumers’ needs continuously evolve. Likewise, in the cinema industry, viewers go to the cinema not just to view a movie, but also to have a holistic experience around it. Customers always seek new and innovative cinematic experiences and their expectations get bigger. In this sense, 4DX auditoriums seem to be one of the smartest evolutions.”

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