Studio Movie Grill has highest attendance in history at SMG Chatham

July 28, 2017 – Dallas, Texas – Studio Movie Grill (SMG) is having a blast showing Girls Trip across the country at all 24 locations, but it’s Chicago’s SMG Chatham that’s really showing how fun a film and food combo can be, especially when the ladies are in the house. On the heels of the box office success of Wonder Woman, it was no surprise to see Girls Trip break box office records, too. MPAA said that in 2016 women bought half the tickets and make up 52% of audiences across the country. In contract, 62% of ticket buyers at SMG are female, and Chatham and Girls Trip in general may have pushed the needle even further.
Following a stellar and solid #5 in US Box Office receipts for the weekend, SMG couldn’t be more excited to see record numbers on Tuesday, the 25th.  In particular, we are celebrating our SMG Chatham location on Chicago’s south side being #3 in US Box Office. Chatham sold out 40 show times and had a total attendance for the day of 4,831, breaking attendance records for that location.
SMG currently has the highest gross per location average for Girls Trip among the top 20 exhibitors and is #4 overall, which makes CEO Brian Schultz ecstatic. “Our stellar teams from marketing to operations and scheduling at Studio Movie Grill were able to predict and get behind a movie they believed would do exceptionally well for our concept.  And they were right. We keep hearing women want to see women do great things, from saving the world to nurturing friendships and supporting female driven films.  It’s great to see Hollywood taking note.”
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