Morocco to Receive 2024 CineEurope Guest Country of Honour Award

Photo courtesy UNIC

Morocco has been announced as the recipient of the CineEurope 2024 Guest Country of Honour Award. The award, to be accepted by Minister for Youth, Culture and Communication of Morocco, Mohammed Mehdi Bensaid, will be presented at the CineEurope Opening Ceremony on Monday 17 June at the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB) in Barcelona, Spain.

Moroccan cinema is currently experiencing a period of renewal and expansion, with many projects under development including the opening of a number of new cinemas. As a result, Morocco has been invited as the Guest Country of Honour to showcase its cinema sector at CineEurope’s executive roundtable, scheduled for the morning of Monday 17 June. Additionally, Bensaid will be presented with an Award by Boxoffice Pro during the Opening Ceremony in the afternoon.

Welcoming the announcement of the Award, Phil Clapp, President of the European cinema trade grouping UNIC, said:

“Congratulations to the Minister for Culture of Morocco on receiving the Guest Country of Honour Award for 2024 at CineEurope. This recognition—the first of its kind—is a testament to Morocco’s vibrant cinema culture and power of innovation, inspiring audiences worldwide. We look forward to further collaborations that celebrate the richness of Moroccan cinema on the world stage.

Andrew Sunshine, President of The Film Expo Group, added:  

“We welcome Morocco to CineEurope with open arms. The rising status of the country as a box office contributor is an indication of Minister Bensaid’s commitment to continued growth.”

Photo courtesy UNIC

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