National CineMedia and Unique X Sign Programmatic Advertising Agreement

Courtesy of NCM

Unique X has announced an agreement with National CineMedia (NCM) to develop programmatic advertising capabilities for the Unique X Advertising Accord platform. This addition to the existing Advertising Accord deal, which lasts up to 30 years, will provide NCM with the opportunity to maximize efficiency, drive increased demand and grow the number of brands using cinema advertising. Unique X and National CineMedia jointly developed Advertising Accord for the U.S. market. Unique X’s software development operational strength and robust processes have acquired ISO/IEC 27001 certification as part of the project.

National CineMedia’s Chief Executive Officer Tom Lesinski underlined, “NCM is dedicated to driving the industry forward as the leading innovator and largest cinema advertising network in the U.S. This deal with Unique X aligns directly with NCM’s vision for the future of our industry and will empower NCM to meet the growing market demand for programmatic advertising.”

Unique X’s Chief Executive Officer Roger Harris added, “This important software innovation and the further development of our successful collaboration with NCM clearly validates and underlines the market leadership of Unique X in the optimization of advertising revenues for the cinema channel. Unique remains at the forefront in delivery of cinema advertising solutions underlined by now addressing the programmatic space, to attract new brands to our customers advertising business and to maximize demand for the unrivaled benefits of cinema advertising.”

Courtesy of NCM

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