Qube Cinema Showcases Qube Wire Cinemas at CineAsia Expo 2016


CineAsia, 5 December 2016: Qube Cinema will showcase their latest service – Qube Wire Cinemas at Cine Asia Expo 2016 at Booth No 419 in Hong Kong. Qube Cinema invites cinemas to sign up on Qube Wire Cinemas during the week of Cine Asia Expo 2016 (December 5-9) and get a free licence of QubeMaster Xpress or QubeMaster Xport digital cinema mastering products.

Cinemas can use QubeMaster Xpress or QubeMaster Xport to create their own pre-show content on Windows or Macintosh computers. More information on these products is available at http://www.qubecinema.com/products/mastering-products.

Qube Wire is a path-breaking online digital cinema key management and content distribution service. It leverages the popular KeySmith KDM management product for post-production facilities and seeks to make digital cinema distribution highly accessible for everyone, from an independent filmmaker targeting a film festival to a major studio planning a worldwide release.

Qube Wire taps into a comprehensive database of over 130,000 screens around the world built through partnerships with key digital cinema companies. A dedicated and meticulous team works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the accuracy of the theatre data.

Qube Wire Cinemas (previously known as CinemaDB) is a comprehensive worldwide database that allows cinema chains, independent screens and digital cinema integrators to manage their facility details through a fast, easy-to-use web interface. Verified cinemas and chains can provide role-based access to multiple users in their organisation to manage information securely and with a comprehensive audit-trail. Qube Wire Cinemas can also publish the Trusted Device List (TDL) data as a freely distributable FLM-x data feed that can be provided to digital cinema KDM management services. Best of all, an organised universal inbox allows cinemas to view and download their KDMs, or choose to have them automatically forwarded to the cinemas’ KDM delivery address.

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