Qube Cinema Unveils New Qube Wire Features at CinemaCon 2018


Las Vegas, Nevada 24 April, 2018: Qube Cinema is adding new features to the Qube Wire platform to simplify the digital cinema distribution workflow. Qube Cinema will showcase multiple new features of Qube Wire at CinemaCon 2018 in Las Vegas. The new features include broadband and satellite delivery to theatres, Wire Safe™, SMPTE FLM format support and an interesting data visualisation feature, What’s-on-Wire (WOW). Product demonstrations will be available to delegates at Qube Cinema’s booth #2614A on the trade show floor.

  • Broadband and satellite delivery to theatres – Introducing the Qube Wire Theater Appliance, a cloud connected in-theater system to enable direct digital delivery of DCPs to the cinema. The appliance includes 4 TB of internal storage and can be networked directly to digital cinema servers and TMS systems. Featuring a low profile 1U chassis, the Qube Wire Theatre Appliance works with both satellite and broadband delivery modes. The Qube Wire theatre appliance can receive DCPs multicast using the proven QubeCast™ media transmission system.
  • Universal Inbox The powerful new Universal Inbox on Qube Wire provides exhibitors with visibility into the detailed status of all their content and KDMs. The Exhibitor can sign into Qube Wire Cinemas at any time to look at a dashboard with real-time status of content transfers and all KDMs for their theatres.
  • SMPTE FLM-x data feed – In addition to the de facto Facility List Message (FLM) implementation most common throughout the industry, Qube Wire now hosts theatre information in the latest SMPTE format; the Extended FLM data, as recently published in the SMPTE ST430-16-2017 specification document. These FLM-x data feeds are provided free for all exhibitors using the Qube Wire service.
  • Wire Safe™ – Empowering the most security conscious studios, Qube Wire now provides the option of a dedicated and exclusive Hardware Security Module (HSM) redundant cluster for all of their security operations, including private key storage and key generation processes. The Wire Safe™ option gives users full control over their critical security elements, including complete physical isolation. The Wire Safe™ HSM units comprising the redundant cluster can be hosted on premises, with a cloud provider, or both.


  • DCIP Key Vault Integration – Qube Wire now integrates with DCIP’s Key Vault, thus enabling the automatic and reliable delivery of keys all the way into the Playback system and/or TMS, at locations using DCIP’s key delivery system.


  • MACCS Integration – Qube Wire has integrated support for MACCS TDL information. This bridges the gap between theatre information held by MACCS and Qube Wire, and it is an important step towards seamless integration between the two platforms, leading to fully automated DCP Delivery and KDM Management for users of the MACCS Booking system.


  • What’s on Wire (WOW) – What’s on Wire is a dashboard that allows Qube Wire users to see an interactive view of their content flow in various territories around the globe. This is a real-time view of content delivery status that would provide useful at-a-glance information for distributors.

“Qube Wire’s new features will deliver to the global exhibitor, distributor and production community, a seamless digital cinema distribution experience,” said Senthil Kumar, Co-founder of Qube Cinema. “We will continue to add more innovative features to Qube Wire, as we strive to offer the most secure, fast, reliable and cost-effective service across the globe.”


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