Screenvision Media Strengthens Exhibitor Network with Eleven Key Strategic Agreement Signings


New York, N.Y., January 5, 2016  Screenvision Media, a national leader in cinema advertising, today announced the signing of several long-term agreements totaling 1,790 screens across 170 theatres with eleven key exhibitors: National Amusements, Premiere Cinemas, Studio Movie Grill, Frank Theatres, Cinépolis, Classic Cinemas, Emagine Entertainment, Zyacorp Entertainment’s Cinemagic Stadium Theatres, Zurich Cinemas, CineLux Theatres and Cinema Café.

These agreements, driven by robust exhibitor relations strategies, focus on strategic exhibitors that enhance the value of the network and provide nine years of term remaining across the network overall. The new agreements strengthen Screenvision Media’s industry-leading ad position by creating more on-screen opportunities for advertisers by expanding the inventory, especially the most valuable time closest to the trailers. Collectively, theatres included in the agreements span 52 DMAs with significant presence in New York, Chicago, Boston, Dallas and Detroit.

Following are details on the new exhibitor agreements:

  • National Amusements: Based in Norwood, Mass., National Amusements has 28 theatres with 386 screens and is Screenvision Media’s fourth largest exhibitor partner. The majority of National Amusements theatres are in the New York and Boston DMAs, with 46 percent of screens in the New York DMA and 35 percent of screens in the Boston DMA.
  • Premiere Cinemas: Based in Big Springs, Texas, Premiere Cinemas has 25 theatres with 276 screens, including its recent acquisition of REI theatres with 3 theatres and 26 screens in South Carolina. Premiere’s current location base includes 1 theatre with 14 screens in the Dallas DMA and 6 theatres with 58 screens in the Houston DMA. Under this new long-term agreement, Screenvision Media expanded national inventory by one minute.
  • Studio Movie Grill: Based in Dallas, Texas, Studio Movie Grill is one of the fastest-growing circuits in America, including 24 theatres with 247 screens. The theatre network includes locations in the Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Atlanta DMAs. Under this new long-term agreement, Screenvision Media expanded national inventory by one minute.
  • Frank Theatres: Based in Jupiter, Fla., Frank Theatres has 20 theatres with 208 screens across Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Four of these theatres are IMAX theatres, and three include Frank Theatres’ Cinebowl & Grille dine and recline cinemas featuring VIP bowling, dining, redemption arcades, laser tag, billiards, Flair Street Bars and Burger & Beer Joints. Cinebowl & Grilles will be under construction in Jupiter, Fla., Philadelphia, Pa., Princeton, N.J., Ranson, W.Va. and Carmel Ind., adding 56 new screens and four IMAX theaters.
  • Cinépolis: Based in Dallas, Texas, the Screenvision Media Cinépolis footprint includes 11 theatres with 120 screens. Cinépolis USA’s Mexico-based parent company, Cinépolis, is the fourth largest movie theatre exhibitor in the world. This deal includes the recently acquired Chelsea Cinemas location in New York City.
  • Classic Cinemas: Based in Downers Grove, Ill., Classic Cinemas has 14 theatres with 111 screens. Of these, 13 theatres with 102 screens are in the Chicago DMA. Under this long-term agreement, Screenvision Media expanded national inventory by one minute.
  • Emagine Entertainment: Based in Troy, Mich., Emagine Entertainment currently has nine theatres with 94 screens, all in Michigan, with 7  theatres and 72 screens in the Detroit DMA. This agreement ultimately includes 10 theatres with 103 screens, which includes future growth within Emagine Entertainment’s network. Also included in the agreement are eight theatres with 104 screens recently acquired from Muller Family Theatres in the Minneapolis DMA. Under this new long-term agreement, Screenvision Media expanded national inventory by one minute.
  • Zyacorp Entertainment’s Cinemagic Stadium Theatres: Based in Bedford, N.H., Zyacorp Enterainment’s Cinemagic Stadium Theatres have eight theatres with 91 screens. Zyacorp’s location base includes theatres in the Boston and Portland DMAs.  Under this new long-term agreement, Screenvision Media expanded national inventory by one minute.
  • Zurich Cinemas: Based in Fayetteville, N.Y., Zurich Digital Cinemas has 10 theatres representing a total of 68 screens. Most Zurich theatres are located in the state of New York within the following DMAs: Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton and Elmira. Additionally, Zurich owns an 8-plex in Mansfield, Conn., which falls in the Hartford, New Haven DMA. Under this new long-term agreement, Screenvision Media expanded national inventory by 30 seconds.
  • CineLux Theatres: CineLux Theatres, based in California’s Silicon Valley, has seven theatres with 44 screens in the San Francisco and Monterey DMAs. Most of CineLux’s venues feature their iconic Café and Lounge, which features craft beer, local wines and a full menu.
  • Cinema Café: Based in Virginia Beach, Va., Cinema Café has five theatres with 32 screens, all within the state of Virginia in the Norfolk DMA. Under this new long-term agreement, Screenvision Media expanded national inventory by 30 seconds.

“We are thrilled to move forward with these key strategic signings, as they reinforce our network strategy of aligning with exhibitors that create the most value for advertisers and share our vision,” said John Partilla, CEO, Screenvision Media. “We take our leadership role within this exciting and rising tide sector of cinema advertising very seriously, and are investing in areas that will be accretive to exhibitors and advertisers – including technology and data.  We look forward to working with and lending our resources to exhibitors to help grow their businesses.”

“We have been nothing but impressed with Screenvision Media’s robust offerings and thoughtful approach to cinema advertising,” said Ted Croft, CFO, Studio Movie Grill. “Having experienced their Connected Cinema offerings firsthand at this year’s Upfront event, we knew with confidence that signing a seven-year agreement with Screenvision Media would provide the highest value and most meaningful impact for our theatre network.”

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Screenvision Media, and we are looking forward to expanding our relationship with the company as we continue to be impressed with their insightful exhibitor offerings,” said Jon Goldstein, COO, Emagine Entertainment. “Screenvision Media’s work for automotive clients in Detroit has been particularly impressive, and we’re eager to see the positive impact their innovative approach has on our advertisers’ businesses, both automotive and otherwise.”

To further increase value generated for both exhibitors and the company’s advertisers, Screenvision Media launched an industry-first Exhibitor Advisory Panel at ShowEast 2016. The panel will consult with and advise Screenvision Media on how best to drive business and best practices to increase value for both its exhibitor network and advertisers.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our growing network of exhibitor partners and the incredibly strong platform they provide for our valued advertisers,” said Darryl Schaffer, Executive Vice President, Operations and Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision Media. “We continue to look forward to the opportunities to improve our network, as we move ahead in a choiceful and strategic manner to generate the highest value.”

In addition to the establishment of the Exhibitor Advisory Panel, Screenvision Media’s Exhibitor Relations team continues to elevate the services provided to exhibitors. The team has led the introduction of a number of new technology and event cinema initiatives as they strive to enhance value for both exhibitors and advertisers:

  • Technologies such as geo-fences, beacons, interactivity and enhanced lobby displays will now be available to Screenvision Media exhibitors. These technologies create incremental value for exhibitors and advertisers, including elevated level of moviegoer insight and enhanced targeting on and off screen, and contribute to the engagement of moviegoers before, during and after the movies through the Connected Cinema platform.
  • Screenvision Media will continue to offer compelling Event Cinema programs that engage audiences with content they’re passionate about in a unique way. Event Cinema gives exhibitor partners the opportunity to increase attendance during off-peak times by bringing exclusive, one-time-only special events to the big screen.