ScreenX Coming to Middle East Via Kuwait National Cinema Company



Kuwait and Los Angeles, CA (June 12, 2018) – At CineEurope this week, CJ 4DPLEX announced a new partnership with KNCC (Kuwait National Cinema Company) to bring ScreenX – the world’s first multi-projection system that provides a 270-degree panoramic film viewing experience within a theatre setting – to the Middle East. This partnership will bring the very first ScreenX screen to Kuwait. CineEurope takes place from June 11-14 in Barcelona, Spain.

Kuwait National Cinema Company was established in 1954 as the first cinema operator in the GCC. KNCC operates under the Cinescape brand, which is renowned for its high quality ambience that treats guests to an unforgettable experience. KNCC is a pioneer in state-of-the-art cinematic experiences and technologies by leading on innovation as one of its strategic pillars. The partnership with CJ4DPLEX to introduce ScreenX in Kuwait pushes KNCC’s vision forward by offering guests a revolutionary cinematic experience that they won’t soon forget. This partnership follows KNCC bringing CJ 4DPLEX’ 4DX technology to the Middle East in 2016.

“We are proud to once again join forces with CJ 4DPLEX, whose efforts have been key in the success of 4DX in Kuwait. This new and exciting ScreenX partnership not only solidifies an already strong relationship, but paves the way to many more collaborations in future market-leading innovation. We are beyond excited to see what the future holds,” said Khaled Al Marzooq, Business Development Manager of KNCC.

“Through this new partnership, the ScreenX footprint continues to expand into new markets, following earlier rollouts from Asia and Europe to the Americas,” said Byung-Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “This expansion of ScreenX into the Middle East builds on the region’s positive momentum, and positions it strongly as the cinema industry moves into the future.”

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