SoundFi: At The Movies Expands Its Theatrical Footprint With Spotlight Cinema Networks’ 40th-Anniversary Re-Release Of John Carpenter’s Classic ‘Halloween’


LOS ANGELESOct. 29, 2018  — SoundFi, a revolutionary audio technology company bringing moviegoers and fans closer to the movies they love, announced today that John Carpenter’s Halloween(1978) is the second film to bring their immersive 3D audio delivery format optimized for headphones into theaters. Through a partnership with Spotlight Cinema Networks’ event cinema distribution arm, CineLife Entertainment, and the SoundFi: At the Movies app, the highly anticipated 40th-anniversary re-release of the John Carpenter classic film triumphantly returns to the big screen with a more immersive (maybe even scarier?!) soundtrack that fans can hear while reliving the spooky Halloween night chills in Haddonfield, IL from those many years ago.

At these screenings, the SoundFi: At the Movies app allows fans, for the first time ever, to watch an entire movie with the director’s commentary while they watch key moments unfold on the big screen.  For this film, Carpenter’s commentary allows film buffs to simply and easily dive deeper into the scenes to better understand the elements that make the original Halloween the iconic film that it is.

“I created SoundFi: At the Movies to give moviegoers and fans the most immersive, audio experience possible in theaters,” said Chris Anastas, founder and CEO, SoundFi. “It is an honor to bring a classic film back to life and to be trusted to bring John Carpenter’s haunting score, soundtrack and now his commentary to fans as many see it for the first time on the big screen.”

The 40th-anniversary edition of Halloween, with the director’s commentary option, is playing at all Cinépolis theater locations in the New YorkLos AngelesDallasTampaMiamiOrlandoSan DiegoHartfordand Dayton regions.  All screenings are on October 30th only.  Details on screen times and locations can be found here.

“Spotlight Cinema Networks seeks to bring innovative initiatives to our exhibitor partners while always going the extra mile to enhance the overall moviegoer experience. We are thrilled to be first to market with this experiential activation for Halloween at Cinepolis,” said Ronnie Ycong, SVP, Exhibitor Relations & Operations, Spotlight Cinema Networks.

The SoundFi: At the Movies mobile app is a completely personalized audio experience delivered to your phone and coming to your local movie theater. Film fans simply install the free SoundFi: At the Movies mobile application from the Apple app store, download the movie soundtrack file desired and then take their smartphone and their own headphones to watch the movie in their local participating theater.  And with SoundFi: At the Movies, moviegoers can have the option of hearing the film in multiple languages, with director commentary, or other audio selections, all in an immersive 3D sound format in their favorite theaters.  For more information about SoundFi, please visit,

“We are always looking for ways to surprise and delight our customers when it comes to providing a rich theatrical experience and with SoundFi we did just that with the return of the original Halloween this time, with an amazing audio experience,” said Joe Garel, Vice President of Film, Cinépolis USA. “We knew that John Carpenter’s film would provide a unique experience for the biggest fans to not only see their favorite movie but to also dive deeper into a film they’ve loved for decades and find little things both visually and aurally that they’d not noticed before.  With the SoundFi audio format, the sounds, the creaks and the screams are even more terrifying than they were 40 years ago.”

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, P.J. Soles, Halloween is directed by John Carpenter.  The 40th-anniversary version of the original Halloween was remastered and restored by Dean Cundey, the film’s cinematographer. Halloween has earned the distinguished honor of being the most successful independent horror movie of all time. It is also one of the most successful independent films ever made. Halloween was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation, a rare honor, and it has inspired and driven countless other films in this genre.

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