Storming Images Launches Proprietary Media Delivery Platform for Distributing Movie Trailers to Theatres


New York, NY, April 23, 2018 – Storming Images North America, a Spotlight Cinema Networks-owned company, announced today the official launch of a new movie trailer delivery service based on its exclusive proprietary digital delivery system, Media Director.  The movie trailer module is designed to give both the film distributor and exhibitor complete control of distribution, delivery, and tracking proof-of-play.

The company soft-launched the digital delivery of trailers at the beginning of the year and has already successfully distributed more than 300 movie trailers nationally from nearly thirty film distributors including Magnolia Pictures, IFC Films and Film Movement.  The new service delivers an economical distribution channel for mini-majors and indie film distributors and is the gateway to the largest network of art house theatres in the US.

“This is a natural evolution for us and plays to our strengths since we’ve been distributing preshow advertising content to movie theatres for 14 years,” said Jeff Hemingway, president of Storming Images North America.  “And because we’re part of Spotlight Cinema Networks, we now have the technical prowess, marketing know-how and corporate support to provide feature film content to exhibitors and we intend to move in that direction. Furthermore, our competitive pricing enhances the value of this service for film distributors who are looking to reach the art house theatres that our parent company Spotlight serves.”

This marks the first time Storming Images is delivering trailers to movie theatres and further establishes the company as a national distribution platform beyond advertising and is a free service to exhibitor partners.  Landmark Theatres, the largest art house exhibitor in the US, has signed on as the exhibitor launch partner.

 “Our goal is to serve the needs of our exhibitor partners with the latest products and technologies to help them manage their businesses more efficiently and decrease operating costs,” said Ronnie Ycong, Senior Vice President of Exhibitor Relations and Operations, Spotlight Cinema Networks.  “Storming Images’ expansion into trailer delivery shows our commitment to that goal.”

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