Studio Movie Grill Supports the Education Community as ‘The Hate U Give’ #DAYOFDIALOGUE Ambassador


Dallas, Texas – October 25, 2018 –Studio Movie Grill (SMG) the leader of the in-theater dining concept
operating 314 screens in 30 locations nationwide, today announced it will welcome more than 3,500
teachers and students from school districts in and around the communities they serve for an SMG
Movies + Meals #DAYOFDIALOGUE with THE HATE U GIVE, the acclaimed motion picture based on Angie Thomas’ best-selling novel. SMG’s #DAYOFDIALOGUE will take place on October 29th at 11:00 AM in each respective participating city. All participating schools will receive free tickets to see the film and free lunch provided to all attendees.

Hosted in partnership with educational outreach firm BazanED, and supported by BazanED’s full free
companion curriculum for in-school use, the collaboration is designed to enhance students’ knowledge
of race relations, empower student voice and strengthen communities. The joint effort highlights one
of many ways the business community at large can support teachers and students in their communities.

“What better way for our SMG teams to live our mission, to open hearts and minds, one story at a time,
than to make an impact by wholeheartedly supporting this important film and offering our theaters for a
continuing conversation between educators and students as part of our ongoing outreach and Movies +
Meals program?” says Brian Schultz Founder/CEO, Studio Movie Grill.

Angie Thomas’ award-winning, bestselling novel about a 16-year old girl who witnesses the fatal
shooting of her childhood best friend at the hands of a police officer, took schools by storm all over the
country last year. The novel gives African American students the opportunity to see themselves in
characters like ‘Starr Carter’ and exposes other students to issues black communities across the nation
face daily with racism, police violence and troubled neighborhoods.

“THE HATE U GIVE film and book are essential tools for educators to support social emotional learning,
history and dialogue within their classrooms that inherently supports our neighborhoods,” says Jackie
Bazan, Founder/CEO of BazanED. “We have held extensive screenings and discussions surrounding this
film to all facets of our community, and the response has been the same reflecting the urgent, timely
and relevant nature of this story. We can ALL do something to address these issues and we hope Studio
Movie Grill’s unprecedented support of their communities encourages other business leaders to rally
and do the same.”

THE HATE U GIVE’s Curriculum Guide includes nine interdisciplinary lesson plans that meet Common
Core State Standards and is easily adaptable to TEKS, Discussion Guide, Student Social Action Guide and various additional assets. Created by BazanED, THE HATE U GIVE educational toolkit is designed to help educators to teach with film.

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