This Week on the Boxoffice Podcast: CineEurope 2024 with Picturehouse’s Clare Binns [Brought to you by TAPOS, Cinity, and ICE Theaters]

Courtesy of Pixar/Disney

In the second episode of our three-part CineEurope podcast series, the Boxoffice Podcast team breaks down a week of big news and big box office, as a top-15 domestic chain sells to Sony and Inside Out 2 shatters expectations with a $150M-plus opening. In our sponsored segment, Alan Roe, CEO of Jacro, comments on what the cinema industry can learn from other businesses in our sponsored segment. In our feature interview, co-host Rebecca Pahle speaks with Clare Binns of Picturehouse Cinemas, recipient of the UNIC Achievement Award at this year’s CineEurope.

Episode Resources:

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CineEurope 2024 UNIC Achievement Award: Picturehouse Cinemas’ Clare Binns

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Courtesy of Pixar/Disney
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