Tiger Group Auction of Pacific/Arclight Equipment Brings in Buyers Across the Cinema Sector

Image Courtesy of Arclight Cinemas

Tiger Group’s February 22 auction of equipment from Pacific Theatres brought in buyers from across the cinema sector, signaling a demand for movie theater products as cinemas emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. Tiger’s online auction featured 297 lots of equipment, including projectors, cinema monitors, servers, amplifiers, media blocks, popcorn makers, and even one of Samsung’s Onyx LED-screens.

“Ninety-nine percent of those  lots were bid upon and sold to theater owners, live event production companies, rental houses and other buyers,” said Jonathan Holiday, Director of Business Development, Tiger Commercial & Industrial. “We had 12,047 views and a total of 5,040 bids, with people from 57 countries watching the event live. The 40 winning bidders hailed primarily from across the United States and Canada, with registrants from as far away as Ukraine and France.”

Sales of this type and size are rare, Holiday explained, and the Pacific Theatres name also enjoys widespread recognition. However, the ongoing recovery of movie theaters clearly was a factor as well. “We had quite a strong influx of theaters that participated in the auction sale, which is great to see,” Holiday said. “These were the ‘survivors’—those operators that managed to come through the difficult period with enough working capital to start positioning for the future.”

Several of these operators bought late-model digital laser projectors. “These are the latest technologies that movie theaters are using for projection,” Holiday noted. “Equipment upgrades certainly were part of the dynamic, underscored by sizable purchases from a  major cinema chain in Canada.”

Others—including mission-driven arthouse theaters that draw their support from charitable foundations—had the opportunity to purchase equipment that suited their budget, which would not have been the case with new gear,  Holiday said. 

Another standout: high-performance audio and speakers. “The amplifiers, processors and other sound equipment on offer were in great condition and performed extremely well thanks to the participation of several audio and speaker users and resellers, ” Holiday said.

Also noteworthy was Tiger’s successful sale of a 2019 Samsung Onyx LED screen with audio components. “It was one of just two such LED screens installed in the United States and drew strong interest,” Holiday said. 

Tiger Group is now gearing up for the next round of Pacific Theatres equipment sales—thousands of lots from ten closed locations (eight in California and one in each in Chicago and Bethesda, Maryland) with a combined 170-plus screens and gear valued  at over $4 million.

“Just as in our initial sale, these auctions will feature top brands like Christie, Dolby, NEC, GDC and QSC, with a great deal of the equipment being late-model and in excellent condition,” Holiday said. “We anticipate strong demand once again and are finalizing the details as we speak.” 

Image Courtesy of Arclight Cinemas

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