Twitter Futures – ‘The Divergent Seeries: Insurgent’ Remains In Control

Friday Morning Update: With a double helping of deja vu, Insurgent led all films for the past week in Twitter buzz with 220,571, its third week atop the upcoming film list on the service. I was a bit skeptical at its breakout chances last column and while much of my previous comments still cast doubt over its potential I must say that its expansion and consistently high tweet numbers are an exceedingly good sign that has erased many of my doubts. A big part of its reason for the threepeat is the release of its final trailer on Tuesday which saw it account for just shy of 80,000 tweets. This is its highest tweet day on record and indeed a very positive sign for its box office potential as films generally tend to see the lowest buzz for their last trailer for release, not the opposite. This has a very real shot at being number one or two for the next three weeks as well barring any major trailers dropping.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron walked away with second spot on the week thanks in combination to a new TV spot and character specific posters being released mid-week. Perhaps one of the easiest predictions of 2015 is that this is going to be the biggest opener on the year considering that the last film made $207 million on opening weekend rode a massive wave of positive buzz from then till now.

The rest of the top five was rounded out with Focus, Cinderella and Furious 7, so basically no surprises there. Focus opens this Friday so its in full swing because of release buzz. The only reason it wasn’t high was due to its very common name which led to a restrictive tweet string being used to flag tweets. Cinderella continues to be on my break-out list for the year and a dark horse for a top 10 spot, and with family audiences having slim pickings so far on the year I’d expect it to have a very strong run into May.