UCI KINOWELT Extends Dynamic Pricing with Smart Pricer to Another Theater


United Cinemas International (UCI) Multiplex GmbH announced their decision to introduce the new dynamic price scheme to one more cinema. The second theater adds another 9 screens that will be dynamically priced, bringing the total count to 17 screens.

The decision to implement dynamic pricing in another theater was made after 1 year of successful operation at the first site. “Smart Pricer’s software has increased our revenues significantly. We are pleased that customers accept the new pricing model,” says Jens Heinze, Managing Director of UCI Kinowelt.

Smart Pricer is a Berlin based company which specializes in bringing airline type dynamic pricing to the sports and entertainment industry. “Instead of an annual price increase, we now dynamically adapt the size of our price categories to demand. Customers have the choice to save money through early online bookings of good seats or to spend a little more to get the best seats shortly before the show starts,” says Claas Eimer, Commercial Director at UCI Kinowelt. “The Smart Pricer team made the implementation easy – providing full support in communicating and operating the new pricing model.”

“Cinemas and other entertainment venues suffer from the same demand fluctuations as airlines. Dynamic pricing can help generate more revenue from high demand shows and – if combined with targeted marketing – attract more visitors to low demand shows,” says Christian Kluge, CEO of Smart Pricer GmbH. “We appreciate that an innovative cinema chain like UCI trusts our expertise in this field.”

For any additional information regarding United Cinemas International (UCI) Multiplex GmbH please visit www.uci-kinowelt.de

For any additional information regarding dynamic pricing solutions by Smart Pricer GmbH please visit www.smart-pricer.com

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