UNIC People Programme Unveils New Toolkit, Announces Focus On Leadership Skills For the Next 12 Months

UNIC’s newly-released toolkit aims to simplify the complexities of organisational culture, providing practical tips to benefit both businesses and their employees. Recognising that the multitude of factors influencing an organisation’s culture can be overwhelming, the toolkit is designed to help companies identify the strengths of their current culture and pinpoint areas for improvement.

The toolkit was launched earlier today and will be presented thoroughly during the Focus Session on Wednesday, June 19 at CineEurope. The presentation of the toolkit will be led by Mandy Kean, Co-founder/CEO, Mustard Studio and Zarah Doyle, European Talent Director and PD UKI, ODEON Cinemas Group.

As the UNIC People Programme now shifts its focus to Leadership Skills, the importance of effective leadership within the cinema industry takes centre stage. The launchpad for the new topic was this morning’s presentation during CineEurope, led by Laura Houlgatte, CEO, UNIC, who was joined by Neil Pearse, Partner, McKinsey & Co. and Dee Vassili, Group Chief People Officer, Vue, both offering their expertise and insightful perspectives on this critical topic.

The discussion focused on the development of leadership skills and capabilities, and how to help nurture future leaders who can drive innovation, inspire teams, and navigate the challenges of an evolving industry. This year’s upcoming events will feature insightful discussions on cultivating leadership capabilities, essential for the advancement and prosperity of the cinema sector.

Dee Vassili, Chair of the UNIC People Programme and Chief People Officer at Vue, shared her thoughts on the new focus:

Leadership is both a huge and complex subject. There are many books and articles written about it and if you Google the word, you will get millions of results. What constitutes a “Leader” in today’s ever-changing world is constantly being examined and debated. The elusive “power of good leadership” is critical to the success of any business, including cinema, and should therefore be a critical subject matter on our radar.

We are also delighted to announce that Gruvi will be our Strategic Advisor for 2024/2025:

The cinema industry’s skills and talent requirements are changing to cater to an increasingly digital and discerning audience. Investing in and growing these skills requires new, diverse approaches alongside traditional methods to create a thriving environment where talent can flourish and the magic of cinema can continue to captivate audiences worldwide.” said Ben Johnson CEO, Gruvi.

UNIC would like to thank Ferco Seating and Generation Media for their support throughout the first year of the Programme.

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