UPDATED GLOBAL REPORT: ‘Cinderella’ Leads Overseas Totals; ‘Insurgent’ Close Behind; ‘Kingsman’ Strong Thanks To China

Cinderella grossed $38.7M from 52 overseas territories in its third weekend, bringing its total to $186.2M. The Disney fantasy opened at #1 in the UK ($5.5M), Spain ($2.8M), and Brazil ($3.4M) in its latest frame. Key holdovers include Italy, where the film continued its reign in the top spot for the 3rd weekend ($13.7M cume) and China, where it added another $6.4 million to reach a $65.1M total in the market. Cinderella has grossed $336.2M globally and will open in South Africa next weekend and in Japan on April 25th.


The Divergent Series: Insurgent overseas haul was $29M this weekend, bringing the total overseas gross to $92.32M in 81 markets after two weekends and a global total of $178.1M. Key markets include France ($10.56M), the UK ($7.68M), Brazil ($7.52M), and Russia ($6.97M). In France, the sequel is up 82% in local currency over its predecessor, Divergent, which translates to 40% in USD. In Brazil it has taken 1.5 times the gross of the first film in local currency and is showing 75% improvement in USD.


Kingsman: The Secret Service reigned in $27.94M in 30 territories, lifting its cume to $211.75M and $331.36M globally. In its opening weekend in China, the film made $24.2M to take the top spot, accounting for 60% more than Bourne Legacy’s opening and 73% more than The Expendables, a very healthy sign looking forward. Strong holds include South Korea ($1.84M weekend, $42.5M cume) down only 31% in its 7th weekend and Germany ($939K weekend, $5.1M cume ) down only 25% in its 3rd weekend.


Home found $25.45M this weekend in 55 new international markets bringing its overseas total to $49.6m and $105.32M globally. It grabbed the top spot in 15 of those markets including Mexico ($3.05M), the Philippines ($728K), and Puerto Rico (686K) –which is the highest grossing opening weekend of 2015. Russia ($3.47M weekend, $11.01M cume) and the UK ($3.94M weekend, $14.08M cume) had excellent holds as Home retained its #1 spot in the former and lost only 29% in the latter.


Focus found $8.7M this weekend in 62 markets, opening at #3 in France with $2.0M and #2 in Spain with $1.35M and raising its international cume to $83.0M. Its global tally now stands at $134.97M. The film will open in Japan on May 1st.


Taken 3 took in $5.96M from three markets bringing its total overseas haul to $238.21M and its global total to $327.18M. The film is performing particularly well in Venezuela ($300K weekend, $3.66M cume) where it slipped only 35%.


The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water soaked up another $5.4M this weekend from 44 territories swelling to $127.7M overseas and $287.3M worldwide. It opened at #3 in the UK with $3.3M and will be released in Australia next weekend.


Get Hard scored a $41.24M global day-and-date debut this weekend with $4.85M from 9 international markets. The UK ($2.1M) and Australia ($1.4M) posted solid opening numbers, and the comedy grossed an outstanding $639K to take the top spot in the UAE.


Big Hero 6 swept up $3.2M in overseas markets adding to its $651.7M global gross. This weekend saw $2.7M coming from China where the film is now the second highest grossing animated release ($81.8M) behind Kung Fu Panda 2.


Fifty Shades of Grey earned $2.2M in 54 territories this weekend and is nearing the $400M mark overseas. Factoring in its $165M domestic grab, the film has made $563.7M globally.