v3 Glasses-Free, Three-Dimensional Technologies Comes to Movie Theaters Nationwide


NEW YORK, N.Y., March 26, 2018 — Vision III Imaging Inc. announced today that it has entered into a sales promotion agreement with Screenvision Media, a national leader in cinema advertising. Together they will make the revolutionary v3 glasses-free, three-dimensional imaging technologies available for advertisers to engage moviegoers nationwide.

Vision III is a Reston, Virginia based company that has developed unique parallax visualization technologies that enhance the three-dimensionality of commercial and military imaging. Vision III has pioneered the concept of “parallax over time” to create spatially enhanced viewer perceptions on standard displays like theatrical screens and in-lobby monitors. The Vision III technologies are marketed under the v3® and Real Shot™ brand names (collectively the v3 technologies).

Real Shot is a patented technology that creates a dramatic three-dimensional appearance with picture elements “POPPING” off the screen. Real Shot advertising and promos can be distributed, displayed and viewed as easily as any standard video imagery without the necessity of any additional software, special glasses/screens or other equipment.

Vision III has developed patented v3 optical technologies for capturing and displaying three-dimensionally enhanced, live-action imagery. v3 creates a three-dimensional “window” appearance with enhanced shapes and textures. Similar to its companion Real Shot, v3 imagery can be distributed, displayed and viewed as easily as normal video.

“In the competitive landscape of differentiating your brand, we are enthusiastic about the prospects of providing a frictionless and glassless experience for consumers to engage with brands within 3D,” said John McCauley, chief strategic development officer, Screenvision Media. “The v3 technologies are perfect for differentiating brand advertising from all the surrounding 2D content. We’re excited to offer advertisers this opportunity starting within our exhibitor lobbies, and are interested in the potential future possibilities to utilize this technology on the big screen.”

Screenvision Media plans to make the v3 technologies available in-lobby to advertisers across the company’s 2,300+ theater network starting in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

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