Vista Cinema Adds Exhibitor National Amusements’ USA Sites To Its Global Customer Base


[Auckland, New Zealand and Norwood, MA; April 23, 2018] Vista Entertainment Solutions (‘Vista Cinema’), the leading provider of cinema management software for global cinema exhibition and the founding company of Vista Group International (NZX & ASX: VGL), has announced an expanded partnership with National Amusements’ Showcase Cinemas. Vista is already the software provider to Showcase Cinemas UK and the addition of Showcase Cinemas USA including Showcase Superlux in Chestnut Hill, MA, represents very significant growth of Vista’s North American market foothold.

The roll-out of Vista Cinema software across National Amusements’ USA cinemas – comprising 392 screens in total – is now complete.

The Vista Cinema software installation includes Vista’s Food & Beverage across all National Amusements’ locations. Built specifically for the cinema exhibition industry, Vista F&B integrates with Vista’s full product suite – from the lobby bar to self-service counter pick-up to in-seat dining.

“Vista Cinema’s leadership position combined with its state-of-the-art Ticketing and Food & Beverage programs were key drivers for us to expand our partnership to include our US locations,” said Joseph Mollo, SVP of IT and CIO for National Amusements.  “Our discerning moviegoers expect a superior cinema experience, and Vista enables us to provide that across the board. F&B has become a crucial element of the moviegoing experience in the added-value environment that is now cinema exhibition. Vista’s solutions deliver for us from the moment our guests book their ticket.”

Vista’s mobile application is live at all locations, so guests can book their night at the movies right from their phone. Complete with the latest cinema experience innovations, Vista Mobile aims to create a frictionless journey for guests from booking to the theatre itself.

The rollout included working through some enhancements to align the mobile app with National Amusements’ cinema setup. The Vista Apps and National Amusements teams collaborated closely to deliver an app that fulfils their high standards for guest experience and continue to monitor the app’s progress via customer feedback. The response from guests so far has been extremely positive.

Vista partnered closely with National Amusements to launch the First Level helpdesk, which provides tier one support. Managers and corporate staff have one dedicated phone line to call for help, seven days a week. This enhanced offering enables a deeper relationship between Vista and National Amusements – knowing their business and technical environment in and out and providing an elevated level of care as a result.

“National Amusements and Vista are both committed to providing the very best moviegoer experience possible,” said Leon Newnham, President, Vista Cinema USA.  “We’re delighted to provide a state-of-the industry portfolio of products and services and to continue to innovate in all areas that can add value to National Amusements.”

National Amusements has been a client of Vista Group company Movio, the global leader in marketing data analytics for the film industry, since 2013. National Amusements’ marketing teams already use Movio Cinema in the USA and UK, and are in the midst of integrating Movio’s platform in National Amusement’s UCI Brazil circuit.  In the US, Movio also provides ongoing consulting, partnering with National Amusement’s marketing team to provide strategic advice and operational assistance to maximize the success of its Starpass loyalty program.

“National Amusements is a leading-edge exhibitor, committed to understanding and engaging its guests”said Matthew Liebmann, Global President, Movio Cinema.  “Its adoption of Vista in the US and UK unlocks Movio Cinema’s end-to-end functionality, improving guest experience and measurable box office success.”

The National Amusements marketing team is now able to provide points and recognitions to their members directly from the Movio console (for example, ‘Free Ticket’ on Birthday). This was previously a manual process.  Data import frequency to Movio increased from once a day to once an hour! – allowing for more time-sensitive marketing campaigns. And National Amusements now has access to the entire set of 140+ cinema-centric filters for even more precise segmentation and targeting.

”National Amusements has evidenced their confidence in Vista through expanding our relationship to include the USA and we are delighted”, said Kimbal Riley, Vista Group Chief Executive. One of the key differentiators of Vista is the global extent of our customer footprint that serves to drive our innovation on multiple fronts and enables us to bring exciting new trends to our worldwide market.”

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