4DX and ScreenX Unveil New Logo As Part Of Its New Branding


CJ 4DPLEX unveils the brand new logos for 4DX and its sister brand ScreenX. As 4DX and ScreenX have been rapidly expanding worldwide,  CJ 4DPLEX implemented new branding to increase brand consistency for 4DX and ScreenX.

4DX’s new branding aims to position the brand as an exciting cinematic experience for customers for the next 10 years. CJ 4DPLEX hopes the new branding will entrench 4DX and ScreenX as a must for global movie fans.

The new 4DX and ScreenX logos were designed by Interbrand. The objective for the new design is to revitalize the overall aesthetic, improving logo visibility and ensuring consistency among brands (4DX, ScreenX). Minor modifications to the original logo design are consistent across 4DX, ScreenX and ‘4DX with ScreenX’ (the auditorium that combines 4DX and ScreenX), which has newly changed its name to ‘4DX Screen’. ‘4DX Screen’ is currently operating in 22 auditoriums worldwide gathering tremendous popularity in terms of newness and innovativeness.

JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX, said: “We appreciate a warm love been sent from movie-fans, movie industry partners, cinemas all over the world during last decade since 4DX launch. Thanks to strong support and love from all global fans, 4DX is dramatically continuing to increase in popularity, keeping breaking its record of box office and the number of audiences. The accumulated number of global 4DX audiences were already passed 110 million audiences. We are happy to introduce our new brand logo and will keep providing more exciting cinematic experience for consumers globally.”

Jihun Moon, CEO of Interbrand Seoul, said: “We are delighted to work with 4DX, the industry leader that represents the innovation of the film world, and launching a new logo through long-time global research and expert analysis will bring 4DX and ScreenX closer to consumers. With brand’s signature, Passion Red color and the X typography, new logo is expected to be loved by global movie fans as it has unique characteristics and personality.”

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