4DX Motion Seats and Environmental Effects Coming to Rio for First Time


Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – March 23, 207 – CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D cinema company, has partnered with United Cinemas International Ltda. (UCI Cinemas) to bring its 4DX technology to Brazil’s top-grossing theatre. Featuring moving seats and environmental effects such as wind, rain, lightning, snow and a variety of scents, 4DX will make its debut in Rio de Janeiro this March at UCI’s New York City Center. Although the first site in Rio, this will be the seventh theatre in Brazil to feature 4DX, and the first in the country to feature the new “rainstorm” effect. Today’s news continues the worldwide expansion of this immersive cinema experience, which is currently available in more than 370 auditoriums spanning 47 countries.

UCI New York City Center, featuring 18 screens, is the top box office generator in Brazil today – with $7.6 million in revenue from 2016 on total admissions of 1.6 million. The New York City Center is at the center of a high-traffic location with multiple retailers, malls and amusement parks and acts as the ideal location for 4DX’s entry into Rio. The new 4DX auditorium, equipped with 112 seats, is expected to be an excellent addition to an area known for providing premium entertainment and shopping experiences to the masses. The new “rainstorm” effect will debut a subtle yet impactful rainstorm environment inside the auditorium by combining strong winds with raindrops, creating swirls of storms above viewers’ heads.

“This agreement between CJ 4DPLEX Americas and UCI Cinemas is only the latest part of our strategy to aggressively expand the 4DX footprint throughout South America, particularly in Brazil, where 4DX has already seen success across six existing auditoriums,” said Byung-Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “The largest cinema complex in the country is the optimal location for the first 4DX auditorium in the city and state of Rio de Janeiro, and we look forward to a mutually-beneficial partnership.” 

“4DX has proven itself as the leading immersive cinema technology that is quickly rolling out around the world, and we are committed to bringing our customers the optimal, highest-quality movie going experience and focusing on bringing innovation to our locations,” said Carlos Marin, Managing Director of UCI Brazil, which overall boasts 23 sites across 12 different states in Brazil, accounting for nearly $70 million at the box office last year.  “We are confident that 4DX will enhance the UCI New York City Center, and are excited to unveil the auditorium to our patrons.”

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