Alamo Drafthouse Announces BARBIE Slumber Parties, Merch, and More

Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse is bringing Barbieland magic to cinemas this summer with unique screenings, collectibles, and enough fun to fill a dream house.

The Barbie x Alamo Drafthouse Collection includes a limited edition lunchbox & thermos set with a custom Barbie design. Only available while supplies last, additional Barbie accessories are also headed to select theaters, including shirts for adults and kids, enamel pins, stylish sunglasses, and a stationery set.

Alamo has a number of Barbie themed screenings planned, beginning with ‘Barbie Party Blowout’, an early access screening on July 19th where guests will enjoy free themed props, interactive fun, along with a special cocktail available at the bar.

Barbies that want to party but can’t make it early are in luck, because the same themed props and interactive fun will be available at Alamo’s ‘Barbie Party’. ‘Barbiecore Dress-Up’ invites moviegoers to celebrate Barbie with a Barbie costume contest and Barbie box photo op. The Barbie box photo op is also available for any guest at Wrigleyville, Littleton, Downtown LA, Staten Island, St. Louis, Crystal City, and New Mission theaters. ‘Barbie Slumber Party Pajama’ screenings encourage guests to wear pjs and BYOP (bring your own pillow). Alamo’s strict no talking policy will be relaxed a bit so guests can chat and giggle with their BFFs. Finally, ‘Barbie Brunch’ screenings bring mimosas and brunch food to the table.

Visit Alamo Drafthouse for locations and showtimes.

Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse

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