Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn to Receive Major Upgrade and Expansion

Photo by Victoria Stevens, Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Downtown Brooklyn location will be closed on February 5th and 6th to begin a major renovation project, including new recliner seats, five new auditoriums, upgraded projection, and additional restrooms. The theater will reopen on February 7th after fully updating its kitchen equipment and will then begin closing their existing auditoriums 2-3 at a time to install the new recliners. It will be offering a limited menu through February 13th in order to streamline operations during the beginning of construction, which is estimated to be completed Spring of 2024.

Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn originally opened in 2016 with seven screens, and was the Austin-based cinema-eatery’s first location in New York City. It swiftly became a destination for NYC moviegoers. This expansion will increase the screen count to 12 and add 256 new seats, bringing the total to 978, all of which will be premium leather recliners equipped with personal swivel tables. Each auditorium will also be receiving upgraded projectors which will further Alamo Drafthouse’s mission to elevate and preserve the cinema experience. Every auditorium will be outfitted with state-of-the-art Laser projectors, with select auditoriums receiving RealD 3D, 70mm, and 35mm capabilities. The new auditoriums will also be available to rent for private parties and events. The theater will also be installing additional bathrooms with the new auditoriums.

Guests of Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn can also enjoy a local beer or craft cocktail at the theater’s standalone bar and lounge, House of Wax. True to its name, House of Wax houses a macabre collection of vintage wax figures for guests to browse while they enjoy one of the bar’s signature cocktails. The bar area also features a dining area and a performance and event space which regularly hosts comedy shows and trivia nights.

“Downtown Brooklyn was our first theater in New York City, and the inspiring community that has grown and supported Alamo over the years deserves this expansion.” said Michael Kustermann, the chief executive officer Alamo Drafthouse. “These upgrades answer the guest requests for more of the best Alamo has to offer, with amazing recliner seating and more screens so we can share more films with more people.”

“Brooklynites have spoken, and they want more movie magic in their lives,” said Mike Sampson, Alamo Drafthouse’s director of field marketing. “So, get ready for an expansion that’s not just about square footage but about our continued dedication to fostering a sense of community and meeting the evolving needs and appetites of our diverse and vibrant community.”

Photo by Victoria Stevens, Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse

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