AMC Theatres Posts Best Admissions-Revenue Week in the Company’s 103 Year History

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AMC Theatres announced its ‘best week ever’, achieving the highest single-week admissions revenue in the company’s entire 103-year history, during the Friday-Thursday film week from July 21st to July 27th. AMC’s single-week admissions revenue record was driven primarily by the opening performances of Barbie and Oppenheimer, which continued with strong moviegoer demand throughout their first full week of release. The previous weekend marked AMC’s busiest since reopening theaters after their pandemic closure in 2020. AMC also had its third busiest weekend globally since theaters reopened, with admissions revenue more than double the admissions revenue for the same weekend last year. As part of AMC’s single-week admissions revenue record, 65 U.S. AMC locations set their own new single-week box office records, including 13 AMC locations in the greater Los Angeles market. 

Regarding the record-setting week, Adam Aron, chairman and chief executive officer of AMC commented, “The monumental success of Barbie and Oppenheimer has the entire movie and movie theater industry abuzz, with discussions of new records and new benchmarks being realized seemingly wherever you turn. These two movies, along with the many others playing on our huge silver screens, continue to rewrite what is possible at the box office. At AMC, we are thrilled to add our own new all-time records into that conversation. Achieving the most admissions revenue in a single week in AMC’s storied 103-year history is a testament to the moviegoing audience, who has demonstrated once again that they are ready, willing, and eager to come out to movie theaters in huge numbers. Thank you to our guests for choosing AMC Theatres in the U.S. and Odeon Cinemas abroad.”

Aron continued, “Our appreciation extends to so many of our friends in Hollywood for releasing all the many hit movies that have graced our theaters, especially over the past few months. The gratitude we feel for studios, film makers, cast and crew is heartfelt and genuine. Their creativity and determination to entertain, enlighten, inform and amuse audiences, combined with our industry’s commitment to operate first class theaters, is why in our opinion moviegoing, in theaters, will play a central role in the cultural fabric the world over for decades and decades to come.”

AMC locations in the U.S. that set an all-time single-week box office record, July 21st-27th:

Atlanta AMC DINE-IN Marina 6 Philadelphia
AMC Avenue Forsyth 12 AMC Marina Pacifica 12 AMC DINE-IN Berkshire 8
AMC Madison Yards 8 AMC DINE-IN Montclair Place 12 AMC DINE-IN Fashion District 8
Austin AMC Northridge 10 AMC MarketFair 10
AMC Barton Creek 14 AMC Porter Ranch 9 AMC Woodhaven 10
AMC DINE-IN Tech Ridge 10 AMC Santa Monica Providence, RI
Boston  AMC Temecula 10 AMC Dartmouth Mall 11
AMC Boston Common 19 AMC DINE-IN Topanga 12 Raleigh, NC
Charlotte AMC Woodbridge 5 AMC DINE-IN Holly Springs 9
AMC Park Terrace 6 Las Vegas AMC Southpoint 17
Chicago AMC TownSquare 18 San Diego 
AMC DINE-IN Block 37 Minneapolis AMC Chula Vista 10
AMC NEWCITY 14 AMC Rosedale 14 AMC Mission Valley 20
AMC Norridge 6 Morgantown, WV San Francisco
Dallas/Ft. Worth AMC Morgantown 12 AMC Kabuki 8
AMC DINE-IN Clearfork 8 Nashville AMC DINE-IN Sunnyvale 12
AMC Village on the Parkway 9 AMC Stones River 9 Seattle
Denver AMC DINE-IN Thoroughbred 20 AMC Oaktree 6
AMC 9 + CO 10 NYC/NJ Springfield, MO
Ft. Smith, AR AMC Bay Terrace 6 AMC Springfield 11
AMC Fiesta Square 12 AMC Brick Plaza 10 Tampa
Greensboro, NC AMC DINE-IN Essex Green 9 AMC Riverview 14
AMC High Point 8 AMC DINE-IN Huntington Square 12 AMC Westshore Plaza 14
Houston AMC Newport Centre 11 Tyler, TX
AMC Houston 8 AMC Ridgefield Park 12 AMC Longview 10
AMC Katy Mills 20 AMC DINE-IN Shops at Riverside 9 Washington D.C.
AMC Metropark Square 10 AMC SoNo 8 AMC Georgetown 14
Los Angeles AMC DINE-IN Staten Island Mall AMC Shirlington 7
AMC Americana at Brand 18 Oklahoma City Wichita, KS
AMC Burbank 16 AMC Robinson Crossing 6 AMC Northrock 14
AMC Century City 15 AMC Stillwater 10 
AMC The Grove 14  
Image Courtesy AMC

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