AMC Theatres Signs Exclusive Cinema Screen Supply Agreement with STRONG/MDI Screen Systems

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STRONG/MDI Screen Systems, a subsidiary of Ballantyne Strong, has signed an exclusive cinema screen supply agreement with AMC Theatres for its U.S.-based locations.

Mark Roberson, CEO of Ballantyne Strong, said in a statement, “AMC is a true industry leader focused on the consumer and on providing a premium cinema experience, and we’re pleased to have been selected to meet all of their projection screen needs. We are proud to build on our legacy as the industry leader helping AMC bring consumers the best theatrical viewing experience.”    

“We are excited to continue our long relationship with AMC Theatres, which dates back decades,” added Ray Boegner, president of Strong Entertainment. “AMC is the largest movie exhibition company with more than 10,000 screens, and we believe this exclusive agreement reflects the focus that STRONG/MDI places on quality and support for our partners. AMC has historically been one of the key innovators in the cinema industry, providing state of the art venues and new and unique experiences for the movie going audience. We are extremely proud and gratified that AMC has chosen to partner with STRONG/MDI on an exclusive basis, to provide our best-in-class screens to enhance the in-theatre viewing experience for their patrons for many years to come.”

“One of the most important factors in the moviegoing experience is the actual screen itself,” added Mark Latimer, vice president, sight and sound at AMC. “With STRONG/MDI screens, we are providing our audience with the very best-in-class screen presentation technology.”

Courtesy Images

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