AMC to Bring Cinionic Laser to All Prime at AMC Locations

Courtesy of AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres has announced plans to bring laser projection by Cinionic to its premium large format (PLF) brand, Prime at AMC. The initiative, which is set to begin later this year, brings next-generation laser technology from Cinionic to all Prime at AMC locations throughout the United States.

Prime at AMC is AMC’s native PLF brand and combines immersive sound, luxury seating, and large format presentation. Upon completion of installation of laser projection by Cinionic, the Prime at AMC auditoriums will feature high contrast Barco 4K laser projection. The introduction of laser in Prime at AMC auditoriums continues the company’s dedication to ‘Make Movies Better’ and commitment to the future of cinema. Laser projection offers a more environmentally friendly way to present movies with less waste, including the elimination of replacing xenon bulbs, and a reduction in energy usage.

The Prime at AMC upgrade project is the latest development in AMC’s partnership with Cinionic, which began in 2022 with Laser at AMC. Since first introducing laser cinema technology nearly 10 years ago, Cinionic powers over 35,000 screens around the world.

“As we continue to install Laser at AMC, powered by Cinionic, in our theaters around the United States, we’re pleased to now include our native PLF, Prime at AMC, under our partnership with Cinionic,” said Cynthia Pierce, the senior vice president of design and construction, facilities, and sight and sound at AMC Theatres. “The addition of Laser Projection by Cinionic to PRIME at AMC is another guest benefit to an already popular Premium Large Format experience.”

“Whenever you see Laser Projection by Cinionic, you can expect brighter, sharper, and more vivid colors every time,” said Wim Buyens, the chief executive officer of Cinionic. “We are excited to bring the power of laser cinema to the PRIME at AMC brand and add an extra ‘wow’ factor to the premium experience. Together with AMC, we are raising the bar for moviegoing.”

Courtesy of AMC Theatres

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