Annabelle Comes Homes Earns $12.2M Overseas Since Wednesday

Warner Bros.’ horror sequel Annabelle Comes Home has taken in $12.2M through its first two days overseas, after a Wednesday overseas opening.

This third installment is hoping to continue the upward box office momentum of its two predecessors. October 2014’s original Annabelle earned $172.8M overseas and $257.0M globally. August 2017’s sequel Creation improved upon both of those stats, earning $204.4M overseas and $306.5M globally.

However, Comes Home has started a bit below the $17.7M that predecessor Annabelle: Creation earned through its first two days overseas. Similarly, Comes Home is tracking below Creation‘s $35.0M domestic opening weekend as well.

So far through only one or two days depending on the market, Comes Home‘s better territories have included Indonesia with $1.7M and Mexico with $1.5M.

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