Arts Alliance Media and Omnex Announce Producer Partnership with Merlin Cinemas

Courtesy Arts Alliance Media

Digital cinema software and support provider Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Omnex Pro Film (Omnex), a cinema technology integrator specialising in installation, servicing and maintenance, has announced a new producer partnership with Merlin Cinemas, a British cinema chain.

With Screenwriter, AAM’s flagship Theatre Management System (TMS), already deployed across 19 sites throughout the U.K., Merlin Cinemas will now harness Producer, an Enterprise TMS, to manage content and network operations from head office, simplifying on-site management while increasing circuit-wide efficiency. The deployment of Producer, overseen by Omnex, will ensure centralised visibility and control over all 63 screens.

“Opting for Producer, a robust Enterprise TMS, underlines our commitment to enhancing content management and operational efficiency. This strategic initiative aligns with our overarching goal of modernising operations and fostering a more agile, intelligent business environment”, explained Craig May, director at Merlin Cinemas.

Producer, a content management tool that harnesses Screenwriter’s site-level data, enables exhibitors to streamline circuit-wide operations by facilitating versatile content control, comprehensive network visibility, and extensive automation, including automated playlist creation and scheduling. By adding Producer’s automation to Screenwriter’s long-established functionality, Merlin Cinemas have the tools to reduce site-to-site task duplication, saving time and resource while allowing more time to focus on the experience of their audiences.

“As long-time partners with Arts Alliance Media, we’re are excited to support Merlin Cinemas as they embrace Producer. Our team at Omnex knows just how crucial it is to streamline operations across multiple sites and manage content seamlessly throughout the entire circuit. With Producer in their corner, Merlin Cinemas can continue to count on us to deliver tangible improvements to their day-to-day operations”, added Simon Tandy, managing director at Omnex.

David Ong, chief commercial officer at AAM, commented, “we are thrilled to upgrade Merlin Cinemas to Producer and extend our gratitude to our proficient integrators, Omnex, for their exceptional efforts in facilitating this collaboration. With seamless content management capabilities, Producer embodies the current and future standards of cinema management, and we’re thrilled to expand its network of users.”

Courtesy Arts Alliance Media

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