Arts Alliance Media Announces Lifeguard and TechSelect Partnership with Total Cinema Solutions

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) has announced a new partnership with Total Cinema Solutions (TCS) to enable full integration between AAM’s hardware management system Lifeguard and TCS’s TechSelect service. TechSelect is a specialized support service that measures the health of assets and software. Exhibitors can expect a monitoring solution that delivers real-time reports and the skills of a trained technician. After receiving a custom provisioned appliance from TCS, that device will monitor the performance of an exhibitor’s projection system, which includes collecting data on the health of projectors, servers, and audio processors. That information is then relayed back to Lifeguard to cross-reference with optimum operating parameters. If the data collected does not meet the required standards, TCS technicians will receive an alert to resolve any issues relating to the flagged equipment.

A cloud-based hardware monitoring and management platform, Lifeguard provides exhibitors and integrators with business intelligence aimed to help optimize hardware and reduce the cost of operations. With over 40 intelligence reports, automated lamp alerts, and proactive equipment maintenance, exhibitors can optimize resources to assist day-to-day theater management.

“By partnering with Arts Alliance Media, our esteemed TechSelect service can harness Lifeguard’s full monitoring capabilities and alert procedures to provide a first-class ‘boots on the ground’ solution,” explained Brian Vita, the sales and svc manager at Total Cinema Solutions. “This unified package will enable 24/7 access to a qualified technician, helping to maintain the health of their hardware while reducing the risk of failed shows.”

Peter Kim, the global sales director at Arts Alliance Media, added, “Our ultimate goal is to help exhibitors build efficiency in their operations. By integrating with TCS’ progressive TechSelect service, independent cinemas across the United States can rely on a resourceful, end-to-end NOC solution that will go the extra mile in preventing and resolving issues.”

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