Arts Alliance Media Announces MX4D Partnership with Lotte Cinema and AMPA

Courtesy of Arts Alliance Media

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) has announced a partnership with Lotte Cinema, the second largest multiplex cinema chain in Korea and Korean cinema technology integrator AMPA. Lotte Cinema will introduce the immersive MX4D Motion EFX Theatre to 10 locations throughout South Korea. MX4D will be installed at two sites in 2023, with the remaining eight locations set for completion throughout 2024 and early 2025. Responsible for all installations, AMPA, the acting technology partner, will become Lotte Cinema’s first point of contact for MX4D’s motion and special effects products and services.

MX4D combines a patented EFX armrest with ranging motions and 10 in-seat special effects, including wind, scent, and water blasts, allowing moviegoers to ‘feel’ the on-screen action. Rain, fog, snow, and carefully programmed light EFX also contribute to the theatrical setting.

“We’re delighted to bring the renowned MX4D brand to our cinemas in South Korea,” explained Kim Byung Moon, the managing director of the cinema business division at Lotte Cultureworks. “Our primary objective is to offer unforgettable moviegoing experiences where audiences can immerse themselves in the on-screen action. With MX4D’s best-in-class motion technology, we can achieve that objective.”

“As proud partners of Arts Alliance Media, we’re confident the deployment of MX4D across Lotte Cinema will help to further revolutionise the audience experience and attract new customers,” said Kim Tai Joo, the chief executive officer of AMPA Korea.

Peter Kim, the global sales director at Arts Alliance Media, added, “to partner with Lotte Cinema for the installation of 10 MX4D Theatres, via our trusted technology partner, AMPA, indicates both their commitment to serving first-rate cinema experiences and the power of the MX4D brand.”

Courtesy of Arts Alliance Media

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