Atom Seating and Skeie Seating AS Partner to Sell Recliners in 13 European Countries

Cinema recliner manufacturer Spaces And Between LLC (dba Atom Seating) has announced a partnership with Scandinavian seating manufacturer Skeie Seating AS to exclusively distribute Atom’s cinema recliners in 13 European countries.

The partnership will be in effect in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Spaces & Between LLC and Skeie Seating AS are starting a new partnership of distributing its recliners in Europe. Spaces & Between LLC’s Atom Seating is known for their comfort and pricing in the cinema industry, and this partnership offers strong support to our business,” said Dipanker Dutta, co-founder of Spaces & Between LLC.

“Atom Seating’s Cinema Recliners approach towards this deal and their dedication for industrial standard seating solution are the reasons we were open to work with them. We didn’t want to lose time in developing and spend extra money. With EN 12727 test results, we have nothing to worry on their quality. We are providing our experience and expertise to them and they are doing the same. That extends to integrations with Skeie Seating AS beyond just reselling. At the end of the day, we and our partners look to provide comfort at an affordable price,” adds Karl Hatteland, CEO of Skeie Seating AS.

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