Atom Tickets Introduces ‘Share to Snap’ Movie Ticket

Atom Tickets has introduced a new way of sharing digital movie tickets with friends via “Share to Snap,” now available in the Atom Tickets app. After purchasing a movie ticket in the Atom app, tap the share button and then select Snapchat. A sticker, based on your event details, appears in the Snapchat camera.

Movie fans can send their sticker to individual friends, a group, or to their Snap Story and Atom will include a link so friends can get their own tickets to join in. Moviegoers can also share a film to Snapchat (from their movie details page) and rally friends to see it.

“Atom has a young and diverse set of users and we built the Share to Snap feature for them, knowing they would love it. The feature fits in naturally with our app, which was developed with social sharing features in mind. We had a great experience using the Snap Kit to build the feature and we’re thrilled that Atom’s digital ticket is the first of its kind in Snapchat,” said Chris Brucia, Atom Tickets’ head of product.

“We’ve been looking for new ways for our users to engage with movies in our app,” said Alston Cheek, director of platform partnerships at Snap. “We’re impressed by Atom’s new Share to Snap feature, as it delivers a really unique way for friends to share a digital movie ticket.”

Atom’s socially driven interface allows movie lovers to search for films instantly, buy tickets, pre-order concessions, and enjoy a VIP experience at the theater by skipping the lines and scanning a QR code, using their smart phone or watch.

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