BARBIE and OPPENHEIMER Bring Cineplex Best Summer Box Office Weekend Ever and Second Highest Grossing Weekend of All Time

Barbie, courtesy of Warner Bros., Oppenheimer, courtesy of Universal Pictures

The fourth-largest circuit in North America, Cineplex, announced today that the release of Barbie and Oppenheimer achieved Cineplex’s highest summer box office weekend record of all time, bringing in over $19M in box office revenue and welcoming 1.4 million guests. With Barbie and Oppenheimer opening side-by-side, over 80,000 Cineplex guests experienced both films on opening weekend, taking part in the global ‘Barbenheimer’ phenomenon. The weekend was the second highest grossing box office of all time for the company, demonstrating that consumer enthusiasm for theatrical moviegoing at Cineplex and around the world is as strong as ever.

The ‘Barbenheimer’ phenomenon fueled the fourth-largest box office weekend in history for North America. Oppenheimer marked Cineplex’s largest IMAX opening, and Cineplex’s premium offerings, including UltraAVX, IMAX, VIP Cinemas, and 70mm film, made up 59 percent of the film’s box office for the company.

“This record-setting weekend box office performance of Barbie and Oppenheimer confirms that Canadians and movie-lovers around the world maintain their passion for the big screen that cannot be replicated at home. Experiences like these remind us all about the enduring importance that movies and movie theatres have in creating memories and how they are uniquely capable of bringing us together to share in cultural moments,” said Ellis Jacob, the president and chief executive officer, Cineplex. “We thank our studio partners for creating wonderful, engaging, and diverse content to fuel this demand and bring moviegoers back to the theater.”

Barbie, courtesy of Warner Bros., Oppenheimer, courtesy of Universal Pictures
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