B&B Theatres Announces Leadership Transition

L-R : Brittanie Bagby Baker, Brock Bagby, Bobbie Bagby Ford Photo courtesy B&B Theatres

B&B Theatres, one of the oldest family-owned and operated cinema chains in the United States, has announced a significant leadership transition that marks a new chapter in the company’s storied history. Effective immediately, president and CEO Bob Bagby will pass the mantle of day-to-day leadership to his three children, Bobbie Ford, Brittanie Baker, and Brock Bagby, who will serve as co-presidents. Bob will continue to play a pivotal role in the company as its CEO, focusing company financial strategies and growth as B&B continues to expand across the nation. He also plans to spend more time on his duties as chairman of the National Association of Theatre Owners as he gives back to the industry he loves so much.

This leadership transition is not just a change; it’s a celebration of the Bagby family’s enduring legacy in the theatrical industry, which has been synonymous with innovation, community engagement, and cinematic excellence for generations. Bobbie, Brittanie, and Brock have grown up with the silver screen in their blood, and each brings unique, forward-thinking contributions to the company with a specific focus:

  • Bobbie Bagby Ford, president and chief creative officer, has championed the company’s marketing and community outreach efforts, building strong connections with audiences and ensuring that B&B Theatres remains a pillar of the communities it serves. Her creative vision and dedication to engagement drive the brand’s presence and growth in physical and digital formats.
  • Brittanie Bagby Baker, president and chief operating officer, manages and oversees daily business operations, working closely with division leadership to motivate efficiency and solvency. Brittanie’s experience and intentional approach to corporate culture deliver sustainable operational excellence, resource management, and cross-functional collaboration.
  • Brock Bagby, president and chief content, programming, and development officer, continues to oversee development, programming, and facilities’ sight and sound. His strategic foresight and commitment to the family legacy will ensure B&B Theatres continues to thrive and expand its footprint.

As Bob Bagby dedicates even more time to his new role as CEO and chairman of the National Association of Theatre Owners, he anxiously anticipates advocating for the interests of cinema operators nationwide and driving the industry forward in an era of unprecedented change. His leadership and expertise will be invaluable as he tackles the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the theatrical industry.

“Bridget and I are incredibly proud and excited for what the future holds for B&B Theatres under the leadership of Bobbie, Brittanie, and Brock,” said Bob Bagby. “As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, this year marks the perfect time for this transition. Their dedication, talent, and vision for the future not only honor the legacy we’ve built together but also promise to propel B&B Theatres to new heights. I am also personally looking forward to devoting more time to my role at NATO, advocating for the vitality and innovation of our industry at a crucial time.”

L-R : Brittanie Bagby Baker, Brock Bagby, Bobbie Bagby Ford Photo courtesy B&B Theatres

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